Fortress of the Fire Giants

You’re infiltrating deep into King Surtur’s keep, and the way out isn’t easy.


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You're on your way to retrieve the Muspelheim spindle. Thor returns from his reconnaissance trip. Loki's invisibility spell makes him sneeze – good job you had nasal spray.
The fortress layout and timing of the guard shifts will just allow you slip by. You wouldn't want to fight the Fire Giants.
Avoiding the guards requires stealth and swiftness. Loki considers using a bit of transformation magic, but Thor quashes the idea.
You take advantage of what appears to be an abandoned post, only to have to quickly evade the approaching guard.
The guard leaves her post, but Loki hits her with a dose of magic anyway. Onward!
A tracking spell tells you the spindle is in the next building over. The heat of the roof means you must move quickly. Thor uses Mjolnir to lower you to the ground and you approach the door.
You enter the building containing the spindle, and must use half squats to disrupt any magical wards.
You help Loki divert the magic protecting the spindle and retrieve it. Now for your escape.
Loki's stealth spell keeps you hidden as you traverse a hall full of training Fire Giants.
A huge metal chute makes for a useful exit route, but why is it full of garbage, and what is that smell?! It's the waste chute! Better get out fast.
You exit the chute via a vent but are still dangerously close to the fortress. You've been spotted! Run!
You duck into a cave. Loki starts to summon a portal to Niflheim, which is close by.
The shifting ley lines interfere with Loki's portal-summoning – and you've been spotted. He will continue working as you all run toward a bridge over a ravine.
Loki and Thor join forces to create a rockslide to delay the guards chasing you.
Loki continues to try to summon the portal while Thor sets off to tackle the approaching Fire Giants.
The Giants have cleared the rockslide and are approaching fast. Thor gives Loki an idea – you're going to use the spindle to attract the otherwordly monsters and escape using their portal.
A portal opens and you, Thor, and Loki charge toward it. Thor uses Mjolnir to hurl the monsters into the ravine.
Loki forces the closing portal back open and you all fall through. Another piece of the mirror breaks, but at least you have the Muspelheim spindle. You're on your way to wherever the monsters have been coming from – and where your enemy must be hiding.


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Loki Laufeyson
Rhys Jennings
Thor Odinson
Øystein Kanestrøm
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Six to Start Sound Team
Story By
Alex Acks
Script By
Kim Richards