Your mission is clear, but the route ahead is beset with traps. You'll need all your courage and cunning to make it out alive.


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The Wild Hunt has retreated and Thor has recovered, but you still need to be careful as you emerge from your hiding place. And you've picked up a friend in the form of a frog!
Thor and Loki tell you about a camping trip Thor dragged Loki on, which ended with Thor's tent burning down. Loki spots one of Malekith's scouts ahead. Keep quiet.
The prints in the mud show you where the Wild Hunt went. They lead to a Dark Elf village nearby that the Hunt has partially destroyed.
Thor has lost the Wild Hunt's trail, but not the frog that he found earlier. He's going to call her Froki.
The Hunt's tracks are visible again and lead to an ominous castle on the nearby hill. It must belong to Malekith. The sooner you get there and get the spindle, the sooner you can get a hot bath.
The spindle is definitely in the castle, and all of the ley lines are being pulled here. You need to get closer.
As you approach you trip an alarm. You need to run away from it and help Loki disable other traps with your powers.
Start jumping to draw a nearby trap's magic toward you.
The magic has latched onto you so get running!
Another ward. You think it has been disabled, but then it goes off. Malekith is a very powerful and skilled wizard.
Thor spots a spike pit and Loki directs you around another huge trap. He tries to disable it, but it releases poison gas and you and Thor drag him away.
Loki thanks you and helps you to dispel the cloud.
This way is too well guarded. You need to find another way.
Jump over the fallen logs blocking the path!
The castle has unleashed monsters, so you need to run to stay ahead of them. Thor and Loki take them on while you head off along with Froki
Svartalfheim is full of portals between realms, so if you find one it should take you somewhere else. Anywhere would be better, surely.
Loki puts together a tracking spell to find a portal while Thor extols Froki's virtues.
Loki thinks he's found a portal and guides you back toward the village you saw earlier. At least there shouldn't be any traps there.
The Wild Hunt is back out and they've caught your scent. You need to get away because Loki hates dog slobber.
You pause while Loki conjures an illusion to disguise you in the village.
Get running toward the village. The hounds may be able to smell magic, so you want to avoid them, even while disguised.
Thor tells the village that the Wild Hunt is coming and the villagers create a blockade. Loki points you towards the likely location of the portal.
Loki cannot guarantee the portal's stability, and Thor realises that Loki doesn't intend to go with you. He'll need to keep powering it so you and Thor can go through. The archway suddenly breaks, and you are confronted by Malekith.


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Thor Odinson
Øystein Kanestrøm
Loki Laufeyson
Rhys Jennings
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Six to Start Sound Team
Story By
Alex Acks
Script By
Kim Richards