The Guardians

Deep in in the lowest realm among the roots of Yggdrasil, your friends are relying on you to set them free.


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Heimdall says that you fell to ground in Niflheim, but he doesn't know what happened to Thor and Loki. Asgard is rallying her people, but without the Bifrost it will take time. Get moving while Heimdall looks for your companions.
Heimdall says they must find a safe place for you to hide in case Malekith is following you. He notices Froki and realises there is an enchantment on it. Maybe he can use this to find Loki.
You hear Loki through the frog, and discover that they are at Eljudnira prison in Nastrond. You must find a way to rescue them.
You turn towards Nastrond instead of safety. Rùna interrupts and says she trusts you to rescue the princes. You head for the bridge which leads to Nastrond, guarded by Modgud the Silent.
Rùna speaks to Modgud through Froki and convinces Modgud that Loki and Thor are living. Modgud agrees to let you retrieve them, however should you die there, you will not pass back to the living lands.
Freyja has created a spell to let you talk to Loki. She will also send a familiar to assist you.
You chase Frejya's spectral cat familiar.
The cat jumps onto you and turns you invisible before vanishing. The spell is powered by your movement and will only last a short time. Get running!
You enter Eljudnir following a guard patrol. Once inside you speak to Loki who gives you directions, though you'll still need to find the keys to the cell.
You find the guard office and take the keys. Loki helps you start picking out the correct one.
You have the correct key. You overhear guards talking about the plans for Thor and Loki.
You reach the cell, but it's Thor in there, not Loki! Focus on stretching to break the wards and free him.
You work to free Thor, who is determined to rescue Loki, even if he has to tear the fortress walls down with his bare hands!
You break the wards, which will hopefully distract the guards if you get away fast enough. Thor calls for Mjolnir but it is taking a while to arrive.
Thor has arrived, but it has become stuck to the outer wall, and the guards have definitely noticed you. You'll need to work quickly.
Loki's cell has a strong ward on it which you begin to break. Thor goes to deal with the guards.
You free Loki and start running. A full platoon of guards and a hell hound are after you. Thor calls Mjolnir to him once more and creates a hole in the wall.
You're being chased by Hel-snakes but the bridge is ahead.
Modgud approaches and confirms that you are alive. She refuses to let the guards take you because you are alive. Even Hela cannot break these laws. You need to take time to plan and rest.


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Shogo Miyakita
Natalie Simpson
Modgud the Silent
Fay Roberts
Loki Laufeyson
Rhys Jennings
Thor Odinson
Øystein Kanestrøm
Guard Captain
Will de Renzy-Martin
Prison Guards
Six to Start Ensemble
Alex Acks
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Six to Start Sound Team