A Warrior of Asgard

Unravel the spell and save the world. Mortal, it's up to you.


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You're fished out of the water and into mayhem. Midgard is the lynchpin of Malekith's plans. Rùna has many groups of mortals running to keep the ley lines in place, but they're losing ground. You're the only hope.
The path branches ahead and choosing the wrong path could be deadly, but Loki says that your instincts should lead you. Also Malekith has dropped a lot of monsters onto one path. Molly arrives in a monster truck to help take care of them.
You run through a snarl of magic and are suddenly in Asgard. There are dark clouds ahead though, and the other realms will be damaged should Midgard fall.
You tear through another knot and are now running through Alfheim. You hear flying cats approach, only for them to be turned into tigers by Malekith. Keep running! This is only the first obstacle.
Thor rejoins you after fighting the tiger and you enter Nidavellir. Malekith summons the worm to attack you, but the dwarves drop liquid metal on the ground to stabilise it and prevent the worm from emerging.
It is getting harder to move, but you must continue. You enter Vanaheim, and one of the Vanir's mirror traps. Thankfully, Lady Idunn arrives to guide you. Stay close.
Idunn sends you ahead to Jotunheim as she holds off Malekith. You arrive on a mountain slope and Malekith sends an avalanche towards you. Hrönn noticed the unweaving of this magic and came to help. She will hold the snow back.
You are confronted by hundreds of monsters and Thor tries to clear the way but there are too many. Hrönn turns the snow against the monsters and stands to hold them off.
You pass from Muspelheim to Niflheim, where Hela fights against Malekith for his intrusion. the undead and the dragons are happy to fight you as well. Perhaps you need a little luck? Everything stands frozen in time suddenly. Run while you can.
Your luck has run out. You enter a cave to hide from the battle and Malekith sends more monsters at you as you pass into Svartalfheim. Loki turns you invisible, and is caught by Malekith's flames.
Malekith spots you and attacks, but Loki reveals that he has only destroyed a tree branch. Take the final step! The spell shatters and Thor challenges Malekith and wins. The Bifrost appears to take you to a place of celebration. You stand among the Valkyrie now!


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Natalie Simpson
Loki Laufeyson
Rhys Jennings
Thor Odinson
Øystein Kanestrøm
Molly Friedman
Steffanie Freedoff
Thom Tuck
Niall Macgregor
Shogo Miyakita
Amy Rockson
Eleanor Rushton
Diana Helen Kennedy
Alex Acks
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Six to Start Sound Team