The Eye of the Storm

A threat out in the open, and a life on the line. You'll need all your wits about you to save Audra's life!


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You and Blindspot tell Audra she's in danger. You're interrupted by Bullseye who tries to shoot her. Blindspot tells you to take Audra out the fire escape while he holds Bullseye off.
Daredevil tells you the other students are safe, but Audra is panicking. He tells you to get to the chapel on the edge of campus and wait for him. You can't trust campus security.
You hide in the chapel but Bullseye has followed you there. He tries to kill you with a candlestick, but Blindspot deflects it. He attacks Bullseye while you escape.
You run into Gavin who says his meeting just ended, and Audra tells him what happened. He has a key to the back door of the law library from Benson, and you can hide in there. Hide in the stacks and Gavin will call the cops.
Bullseye finds you in the library, but is interrupted by Daredevil. They fight while you and Audra lure Bullseye into the stacks, then push a bookcase onto him. Daredevil knocks him out and says that Blindspot was nearly killed. He'll handle Bullseye, but needs you to go and make sure Blindspot stays awake and breathing.
You reach Blindspot who tells you there's a nurse who'll take care of this. Audra recognises him, and realises that Daredevil is Matt Murdock. Daredevil catches up with you and explains things to Audra. He has a safe place for you to go. He found a cellphone on Bullseye, and the last message is Gavin telling Bullseye where to find you.


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Caitlin Rowe
David Cui Cui
Jarret Griffis
Matt Murdock (Daredevil)
Samuel Brewer
Mye'Shawn Lowe
Bilal Dardai
Ella Watts
Sound Designer
Six to Start Sound Team