Day of the Sentinels

A visit to an X-Men cultural festival turns into chaos. An implacable enemy has returned, and you're more involved than you could have predicted...


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A speaker at the Mutant Cultural Day in Central Park talks about their nation of Krakoa and the transportation gate used to reach it. The event is interrupted by giant robots - Sentinels - which attack the event. You save someone from being hit, and you hear the mutant speaker in your head, telling you to run.
Jean Grey, one of the X-Men, introduces herself telepathically. She explains that the Sentinels hunt mutants, but haven't been seen in years. One of the Sentinels targets you, even though you aren't a mutant. It aims its laser towards you, and someone tells you to run.
The man who told you to run introduces himself as Logan. Jean had asked him to help you. Keep moving to escape the Sentinel attacks because they are targeting you! Logan says he'll cover you while you get up to the Gate. If there's any doubt about whether you're a mutant, that will answer it!
You're nearly at the gate. Either you'll run through and end up somewhere safe, or you'd better get ready to fight. Logan attacks the nearest Sentinel, and Jean reassures you that he'll be fine. Just get to the gate. If you are a mutant, you're welcome on Krakoa and you'll never have to be alone again. Hurry!
You narrowly avoid being crushed by the ferris wheel. The Sentinel is focused on you, even with a whole team of X-Men present. The Sentinel says that an anomaly has been detected, which is something Jean has never heard them say before. To the gate!
Logan tells you to get your butt through the gate before the fight ramps up. If there's a light when you enter the gate, run towards that, and whatever happens, keep moving. You enter the gate and see a man who speaks directly to you. Jean encourages you onwards, and the light increases in brightness.
Welcome to Krakoa! Jean says that you are now free to use the gates of Krakoa however you please. Logan arrives and claims some of your snacks from the fair. There are so many mutants here to get to know and they'll help you learn about your abilities, whatever they are. You're a mutant, just like the X-Men!


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Charles Xavier (Professor X)
David Salsbery Fry
Remy LeBeau (Gambit)
Cody Savoie
Jean Grey
Kym Miller
Mr. Sinister
Will de Renzy-Martin
Victor Hunter
Shi'ar Voice
Six to Start Ensemble
Christian Sloan
Tini Howard
Ella Watts
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam