With its new island home Krakoa, mutantkind has stepped onto the world stage. Though they perform acts of heroism and share their Krakoan gifts, many humans still hate and fear the X-Men.

Age of Orchis

Confront threats to the mutant haven of Krakoa, as the deadly Sentinels return and new enemies rise! Discovering the truth of your new mutant powers will take you on an epic quest.
A visit to an X-Men cultural festival turns into chaos. An implacable enemy has returned, and you're more involved than you could have predicted...
Welcomed into a mutant paradise, it would be easy to sit back and relax. But with Sentinels reappearing, your memories might hold the key to everyone's survival.
Suited up and thrown into action! It's trial by firing line on your first mission with the X-Men.
Oh the weather outside is frightful... good thing that you're heading somewhere far warmer! Brave the elements as you head to the Savage Land.
Something is stirring in the Savage Land, and the wildlife may be the least of your problems!