Gold and Blue

With a brand new uniform, you're ready for your first solo mission as a member of the X-Men! It should be straightforward, but are those famous last words?


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Emma Frost welcomes you to the X-Corp HQ to get you an X-Men uniform. Jumbo Carnation explains that some abilities interact with the smart-fabrics used, and Emma gives a demonstration. Jumbo has you run in place and imagine a costume that will make you feel confident, and Emma transfers the image from your mind to the machine. You look stunning! Go test it out.
You encounter Mr. Sinister who says he is here to make you an offer. He realises you're part of the X-Men and says you could be a god instead. You're interrupted by Cyclops contacting you on the radio. Mr. Sinister leaves, and Cyclops wants to speak to you about a solo mission.
Jean says you're wise not to trust Mr. Sinister; he's only concerned about himself. Jean and Scott tell you that they've detected an alert near the abandoned Xavier school in Westchester. The intruders appear to be two mutant siblings who escaped their community. They want you to find the children and bring them to Krakoa if they're willing.
You arrive at the school and Jean reminisces about her time there. Sentinels appear and are focused on you. You need to get indoors!
You need to find those children before Trask does. You intercept a Trask transmission which says they're entering the building to search for you. Scott and Jean are scrambling reinforcements. In the meantime, stay hidden.


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Scott Summers (Cyclops)
Bradley Gareth
Emma Frost
Liz Morey
Gwyneth Trask
Susannah Snowden-Ifft
Jean Grey
Kym Miller
Jumbo Carnation
D. Sumner
Mercenary Captain
Pip Gladwin
Mr. Sinister
Will de Renzy-Martin
Victor Hunter
Tini Howard
Ella Watts
Sound Designer
Matt Part