Welcome to Krakoa

Welcomed into a mutant paradise, it would be easy to sit back and relax. But with Sentinels reappearing, your memories might hold the key to everyone's survival.


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You dream about a man telling you that you're special, and that you could do great things together. You wake in Krakoa to Logan trying to rouse you. He'll give you a tour of the island, but you'll have to keep up. It's all foot traffic here, unless you can fly of course!
Logan takes you to the Green Lagoon, where he introduces you to Fred Dukes, otherwise known as the Blob. He explains that Krakoa is for all mutants as long as they follow the rules. Jean contacts you telepathically and says that Forge is almost ready to see you. You'll need to get a move on to finish the tour.
You head into the jungle where you are viciously attacked by a horde of feral children who are delighted to see Logan. He introduces you to Jubilee, their teacher, who is delighted to see that he has adopted you. She gives a couple of suggestions for where he should take you, and you head off once more.
You reach what Logan calls the Healing Gardens, an area of the forest which has a magical quality about it. You see a group of mutants standing around a tree called the Arbor Magna. Logan is about to say more, but Jean tells you to hurry along. This is a conversation for later anyway.
Forge wants to use one of his projects, the REBORN helmet, to download your memories so they can watch them and use them to extrapolate data about the Sentinels. No-one else had as much exposure as you. You're hooked up to a rig to simulate your physical state during the attack to improve recall. Get running!
Jean noticed that you had a dream, and she recognises the voice of Mr. Sinister who lives on Krakoa. Forge can tell that the Sentinels were manufactured by ORCHIS. They believe mutants are the reason homo sapiens will go extinct. There's an offshore facility in the North Atlantic which is where you should strike first. You're joining the X-Men!


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Crystal Lee
Drew Hobson
Fred Dukes
Trey Nakamura
Jean Grey
Kym Miller
Mr. Sinister
Will de Renzy-Martin
Mutant Child One
Six to Start Ensemble
Mutant Child Two
Six to Start Ensemble
Christian Sloan
Tini Howard
Ella Watts
Sound Designer
Matt Part