The Law of the Jungle

With the Savage Land and the Krakoan flowers under threat, you'll need to move quickly or you might find yourself in a sticky situation!


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Jean flies above the rainforest canopy and finds what destroyed the Krakoan gate, and what has been deploying the transmitters; a Sentinel! It spots Jean. She can outfly it, but you'll need to run!
The Sentinel is causing great damage as it hunts you. Jean wonders how it got to the Savage Land. Beast says you can't allow it to harm the plants, and acts as bait to lure the Sentinel away.
There's another explosion, but Beast says that he's alright. He sends you coordinates to make for. Get moving!
Jean apologises for the mission being more dangerous than intended. You cross paths with the Sentinel which targets you. Cyclops sets a large tree on fire which distracts the Sentinel, although it manages to dodge it as it falls. But you do have more data!
You near the tar pits and suffer their noxious fumes while Beast explains his plan. Sentinels can only handle so many threats at once. The X-men will attack unpredictably, while you act as bait and lure the Sentinel into a tar pit on a telekinetic surface created by Jean. Go!
The plan works and the Sentinel falls into the tar pit. Gwyneth Trask speaks through the Sentinel and reveals that she has been collecting data on you too, and soon there will be nowhere for you to hide!


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Murray Farnell
Scott Summers (Cyclops)
Bradley Gareth
Gwyneth Trask
Susannah Snowden-Ifft
Jean Grey
Kym Miller
Victor Hunter
Christian Sloan
Tini Howard
Ella Watts
Sound Designer
Matt Part