Fresh Bait

Suited up and thrown into action! It's trial by firing line on your first mission with the X-Men.


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You join Cyclops and Storm at the ORCHIS facility. Gwyneth Trask will be here today and you could learn a lot by taking her in for questioning. The Sentinels will focus on trying to identify you, so if you do a lap of the factory they should follow you without attacking. This will let the X-Men study the sentinels.
You duck into a hiding spot to catch your breath for a moment, along with Storm and Cyclops. A Sentinel arrives, but Storm reveals herself to distract it while you get moving again. Cyclops will cover you, so run!
You're doing a good job keeping them occupied. There's no sign of Logan and Jean though which has Cyclops concerned. He blasts a Sentinel which gets too close, damaging it so it gets stuck in a loop. You hear voices nearby which might be the rest of the team. You need to move before the Sentinel reboots. Go!
You duck into a hallway to escape the Sentinel, and head towards the voices. Jean interrupts telepathically, warning you that the voices aren't them. You hide just as Trask and her guards approach. Jean tells you to stay quiet and lay low while they pass. She sends you a location to meet the others when you can get away.
Trask has some kind of psychic dampener that blocks Jean's powers. Cyclops suggests distracting Trask by having her see the Sentinels chase you. It might surprise her enough for Jean to see her thoughts. You make a break for it, and the Sentinels pay attention. Storm remains behind to keep them occupied while you head for the gate.
Trask and her guards head towards the helipad. You hear Trask demand to know where her helicopter is, only for Logan to make himself known and attack her guards. Jean can erase the memory of this, but Logan cannot kill anyone. Storm will fry the camera footage. You get running to keep the Sentinels away. Go!
You make it back to Krakoa and Storm welcomes you to the X-Men. She promises that there have been worse inaugural missions. Jean says Trask definitely had a psychic dampener to exhaust her so much, but it hadn't stopped her. She knows the place Trask is most desperate to protect, and where she is headed next. The Savage Land.


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Scott Summers (Cyclops)
Bradley Gareth
Gwyneth Trask
Susannah Snowden-Ifft
Jean Grey
Kym Miller
Victor Hunter
Regina Renée Russell
Trask Foreman
Six to Start Ensemble
Trask Guard 1
Six to Start Ensemble
Christian Sloan
Tini Howard
Ella Watts
Sound Designer
Matt Part