Graymalkin Lane

Trapped in the old Xavier Academy, with Sentinels and mercenaries on your trail, you'll have to move quickly. And it isn't just your life on the line.


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You overhear the Trask mercenaries talk about the mutant children — they're prepared to kill them if necessary! Jean says a team has just returned from Dubai, so they should be able to send reinforcements soon. Try checking the second floor where the classrooms and dormitories were.
You find Mary-Beth, one of the children. Her brother, Samuel, got separated from her when the mercenaries came. Jean reassures her that they will be accepted on Krakoa, and you will find her brother. Be careful!
The mercenaries have found Samuel! Mary-Beth throws a rock at the mercenaries who raise their weapons. Mary-Beth's mutant powers activate, and the mercenaries drop their weapons as they superheat. The ammo is going to explode. Make a break for it!
You escape outside, but the Sentinels are still there. Jean directs you to the hedge maze in the back courtyard. The mercenaries chase you, but Jean activates some of the old countermeasures to stun them. Keep running. Your reinforcements are incoming!
The mercenaries have found you, but there is a sudden crash of thunder. Storm has arrived. She destroys the Sentinels and knocks the mercenaries out. The path home is clear. Storm uses one of the mercenary radios and threatens Gwyneth Trask. Lightning does strike twice.


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Gwyneth Trask
Susannah Snowden-Ifft
Jean Grey
Kym Miller
Daisy Guevera
Mercenary #1
Six to Start Ensemble
Mercenary #2
Six to Start Ensemble
Mercenary Captain
Pip Gladwin
Isaiah Rothstein
Victor Hunter
Regina Renée Russell
Tini Howard
Ella Watts
Sound Designer
Matt Part