Den of Thieves

On the trail of Trask, you take to the seas. A secret meeting has been arranged, and you need to be in place to intercept!


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Kate Pryde welcomes you on board her ship, the Marauder, as you head to Madripoor. You're accompanied by Storm and Gambit, who had died but is now alive. Jean says she'll explain when you get home. Trask finding you three times suggests she has inside information, and she's meeting someone in Madripoor. You're going to investigate.
Kate gives the orders and you search the impoverished Lowtown area. You spot Mr Sinister in the crowd, and Gambit is certain that he's the one working with Trask. Follow him but be careful!
You follow Sinister to Hightown, but there seems to be more than one of him. Kate believes they're clones trying to throw you off track. Trust your instincts and follow one of them!
You see Sinister meet with Trask and it's clear Sinister has been selling information to her. He also has an interest in you, and reveals your presence. Your allies back you up, but Sinister has many clones and attacks you while Trask flees. Storm hides you with fog, but you need to retreat!
You split up and accompany Kate across the rooftops and scaffolding. Sinister blasts the scaffolding and it begins to collapse. Sinister says that he has the DNA of every mutant on Krakoa and can recreate you all. Kate grapples onto Sinister, but the platform collapses. She'll see you on Krakoa!


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Remy LeBeau (Gambit)
Cody Savoie
Gwyneth Trask
Susannah Snowden-Ifft
Jean Grey
Kym Miller
Kate Pryde
Emma Sherr-Ziarko
Mr. Sinister
Will de Renzy-Martin
Regina Renée Russell
Tini Howard
Ella Watts
Sound Designer
Matt Part