Antarctic Assault

Oh the weather outside is frightful... good thing that you're heading somewhere far warmer! Brave the elements as you head to the Savage Land.


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
The Savage Land is an area hidden in Antarctica where the majority of Krakoan flowers are grown. You can't activate the Savage Land gate currently so you have to fly. Before you arrive, you're given a Krakoan sprout so you can create a new gate. The jet lands, and you need to move quickly. It's freezing out there!
Jean says that the sprout is developing a psychic link to you that she will keep studying while you move. Cyclops sends you and Logan ahead while the rest of them keep the Trask mercenaries occupied, but it seems like they've spotted you.
Iceman is injured by the mercs, but Cyclops defends him. You on the other hand, need to sprint like your life depends on it!
The sprout seems able to guide you towards the entrance to the Savage Land even if the weather means you can't see it. Logan takes out the last mercenary snowmobile, and you regroup. Get moving!
The sprout is tapping against the glass. You open its container and it floats out on the wind. Quick, follow it! The Mercenaries follow you in a helicopter despite the storm and they're arming rockets! It crashes despite Jean's efforts to help. You're at the entrance to the Savage Land, so prepare yourself.
The Savage Land is a verdant jungle, and the sprout is burying itself in the soil and becoming a gate. You can now travel from Krakoa to the Savage Land easily. Jean thinks the mercenaries were already there, and Trask wants something in the Savage Land.


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Scott Summers (Cyclops)
Bradley Gareth
Josef Boon
Jean Grey
Kym Miller
Mercenary Captain
Pip Gladwin
Mercenary Pilot
Philip Nightingale
Trask Mercenary Captain
Pip Gladwin
Trask Soldier
Six to Start Ensemble
Trask Soldier 2
Six to Start Ensemble
Christian Sloan
Tini Howard
Ella Watts
Sound Designer
Matt Part