Atlantis Rising

You arrive on the shores of the newly risen Atlantis to retrieve a treasure that could save the world. But can you trust your team?


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You have arrived on the shores of Atlantis, acting as bodyguard to the Professor and Mabel and employed by Sir Woodley, Mabel's father. The city is surrounded by islands – you have to cross bridges to get there. You'll need to be quick in your research; soldiers will arrive as soon as consensus is reached as to the island's ownership. Sir Woodley is sending the drone ahead. Get moving!
Atlantis rising was heralded with a series of earthquakes. Mabel introduces herself while the Professor examines some mechanical remains. He believes Atlantis was destroyed by a catastrophic explosion. But some of the remains are glowing, which means the Core of Atlantis that you're looking for is still functional. The drone has spotted more boats. You're not alone!
You reach the first bridge and Sir Woodley tells you to go first. Mabel talks about how her father keeps information hidden, including who he's told you to prioritise if only one person can be saved. You are here for the Core of Atlantis, kept at the heart of the island. It could power the entire world! The Professor wants to use it for the betterment of humanity, while Mabel is more cynical. There's a stranger coming towards you across the bridge!
The woman is Cartwright, one of the Professor's academic rivals, and she is also after the Core. Cartwright goads you and leaves. You have to beat her! The Professor says she is known for booby traps, and that's how she has beaten the Professor to sites before. You'll have to find another way over and it looks like it will be the damaged bridge.
The bridge seems even more precarious than you'd thought. Sir Woodley orders you across, even when you have to jump across a crack. You're followed by the Professor and Mabel. Sir Woodley tells you to travel to another bridge to the north. You can leave Cartwright a little gift.
When Cartwright tries to cross the bridge, Sir Woodley's drone will fire off flares. You hide behind a statue as the drone fires, but instead of flares, the drone fires explosives that destroy the bridge. Sir Woodley insists it was an accident, but the Professor and Mabel are unconvinced. Sir Woodley orders you onwards.
The building containing the Core is surrounded by those nodes and Mabel questions if it's safe. They interfere with communications. When you enter, Sir Woodley is cut off and your torches go out. The nodes are glowing enough to let you see. There are two paths and you split up, with Mabel going one way, and you with the Professor. The Professor confides in you that he doesn't trust Woodley, but he saw you were shocked too when the bridge was blown up. He worries about what Woodley will do with the Core.
The Professor admires the Core and notes that it has been knocked loose of its cradle. He examines the writing around it; a warning and some equations. You pick up the Core and all of the walls go dark. You put the core into the safebox while the Professor translates the writing. He realises that you cannot let the Core leave the island; it will destroy the world, like it destroyed Atlantis! Mabel arrives and aims a gun at you. She will be taking the Core, and she won't let you stop her.


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Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Sir Woodley
Six to Start Ensemble
The Professor
Six to Start Ensemble
Sarah Evans-Burke
Ella Watts
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam