Atlantis Breaking

With ulterior motives brought to light and time running out, it isn't just the fate of Atlantis and the Core at stake!


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Mabel takes the Core, ignoring the Professor's warnings about the damage it could do. She jams the door to trap you, but Woodley's drone blows a hole. You need to retrieve the Core!
You get outside and your comms begin working again. Woodley demands to know what happened. He's shocked when he finds out that Mabel took the Core and tells you where to find her. The Professor explains that the Core is dangerous and could destroy the world. Woodley insists that he can study the Core safely and will destroy it if it isn't safe.
Mabel blows up the bridge you were about to cross, and tells you that Woodley is dying. There is a very expensive experimental treatment that will keep him alive. He intends to lease use of the Core to the highest bidder – right now he's flat broke. Mabel is resentful about living under Woodley's shadow and wants to use the Core to make her own name, even if the world only lasts a few decades. She leaves, and Woodley says his drone will guide you to another bridge. He's your only chance of stopping her.
Mabel is heading towards Cartwright's rigged bridge. You find a shortcut in the form of a narrow gap that you can jump, although you have to haul the Professor up when he nearly falls. Now get running!
Mabel is trapped in a net trap set by Cartwright, and you take back the Core from her. You and the Professor intend to return it to the temple, but Woodley persuades you to free Mabel and bring her back to him. You begin to cut her free, but there are more traps. You need to outrun them!
You're all caught in one of Cartwright's traps! She claims the Core and takes your headsets. Woodley approached her first, but she refused. She knows what type of man he is. She's surprised at the Professor taking part in his more violent plans, like blowing up the bridge. She won't release you – the Core is hers and she knows what to do with it!


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Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Sir Woodley
Six to Start Ensemble
The Professor
Six to Start Ensemble
Sarah Evans-Burke
Ella Watts
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam