Atlantis Falling

With new allies at your side, you might have a fighting chance. But can you restore the Core and escape before Atlantis falls forever?


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Cartwright has the Core and she knows that it is too dangerous to be removed from Atlantis. When she realises you have the same idea, she has her people cut you free, although she ties Mabel's hands. If you restore the Core to its cradle, you should be able to sink Atlantis once more and keep the Core from causing destruction on a worldwide scale. Cartwright sends her people back to the boats, but the rest of you are going to return the Core.
Cartwright talks to Woodley and explains that you will need Woodley's drone scouting the way. Woodley means to refuse, but Cartwright reminds him that you have Mabel and she will be trapped with you if he doesn't help. He agrees, but if anything happens to Mabel his drones can take you down.
Soldiers will arrive soon, so you have to move fast. The Professor worries about whether you're doing the right thing, returning the Core and re-sinking Atlantis. He trusts Cartwright. Couldn't you find another solution? Cartwright is sympathetic, but she doesn't trust the rest of the world to study the Core safely. You set the Core back and the ground begins to rumble. You need to move!
The city is burning and you're forced to rely on Woodley. Cartwright is injured and you need to cross the long bridge between islands. You make it, despite it being dangerously unstable.
Mabel breaks free and arms herself. She flees back towards the centre of the city. You chase her, but she runs onto the bridge, which collapses. Perhaps she got across before it fell? Woodley is outraged and his drone screams towards you. Run!
You can't let Woodley's drone hit the boats or the people! Cartwright tries to reason with Woodley, but he refuses to stand down. However, it does buy you enough time to shoot down the drones. Narcissists always do like to monologue.
You get onto the boats and watch as Atlantis is consumed by fire and begins to sink. The Professor shows you that he has taken one of the nodes from Atlantis. Cartwright realises, and reveals that she took nodes as well. You can work together to create something better. As you leave, you see your original boat leaving. It seems that Mabel did escape and you don't know if she took the Core. You have a lot of work ahead of you.


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Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Sir Woodley
Six to Start Ensemble
The Professor
Six to Start Ensemble
Sarah Evans-Burke
Ella Watts
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam