The Hatching

A T-rex egg is about to hatch and Baddington wants high-res footage of the event. But something has gone wrong with the feed and you need to save the day... or lose everything!


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You have lots of gifts from your new donor and get to unpacking them. One of the boxes contains a new drone and you pair it to your phone to test it. Emma interrupts to say that the T-rex egg has started shaking – it must be close to hatching! Marguerite asks you to come with her to see it.
You enter the mud flats. There's no dinosaurs to worry about except a couple of sleepy Stegosauruses. Marguerite is excited to see a dinosaur hatching – imagine what it will mean for science! However, Grant and Emma tell you that the feed for the T-rex egg has gone down. It's like the camera isn't even there! You'll have to take one of the other cameras to replace it.
You receive an irate transmission from Baddington, berating you for breaking the equipment. Marguerite says that you're working as fast as you can to repair it and that talking to him isn't helping.
You reach the cameras that you're going to use to replace the broken ones and release them from their mounts. You need to hurry so you don't miss the main event!
Another call from Baddington who tells you that if he misses this then none of you will ever get near the caves again. As you climb an icy slope, Marguerite falls a short way, but you manage to catch her. You'll need to use your pitons.
Bad news! The mother T-rex is blocking the only path to the nest overlook. You think quickly and use the drone to fly over the T-rex's head, playing a sound that you know attracts them. For some reason they get agitated when they hear the sound of a duck quacking. Marguerite hypothesises that the quacking sounds like a baby T-rex. You're nearly there!
You can see the nest and you help Marguerite set up the camera on a tripod. Thankfully the new camera works and Baddington gets his high-res feed. Strangely though, the original camera is missing. The egg begins to hatch and Marguerite's theory is vindicated; it does make a sound like a duck! Baddington feels that the video feed isn't capturing the moment in the way that he'd hoped, so he's going to move into the base and manage things personally. You need to swallow your pride for the sake of the dinosaurs.


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Andrea Phillips
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam