The Unknown

A new dinosaur has been found and, of course, Baddington wants to go after it. But what else is hiding beneath the ice?


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Baddington has arrived, but there's more important things to think of. Another camera has gone down, but this time you've caught sight of the culprit: a new dinosaur! Baddington insists that he will look for this new dinosaur himself and that it will be named after him, of course! No dawdling, Rookie!
Baddington admires the cave and talks about bringing a dinosaur specimen back for his menagerie. Emma warns him that they could bite or cause damage in other ways and Baddington asks about tranquillisers. Marguerite and Grant explain that they don't know the effect tranquillisers would have on dinosaur biology.
Baddington talks about how he's always loved dinosaurs, especially the T-rex. Emma warns you about the dragonflies up ahead and Baddington is unimpressed, until he sees them and realises how huge they are. You scare them off so you don't get stung and you're nearly at the site of the missing camera!
Baddington asks why the mud is an orange colour and Marguerite explains that there's a lot of oxidised iron in the soil. Watson the dog finds the tracks of the dinosaur you're looking for and they're completely new tracks! You can follow them to the edge of the cave to see if you can work out where it went. Be careful!
You reach the cave wall where Baddington spots a crack in the ice. It looks like a tunnel that you could fit through. It used to be a solid sheet of ice but the earthquake must have opened it up. Baddington wants to explore immediately. Marguerite and Grant explain why this is a bad idea, but he's too impatient to wait for new equipment and heads into the ice tunnel.
The ice is much thicker here so there's not much light getting through. Good thing you have the light from the drone. You need to hurry and catch up with Baddington before he gets himself killed!
It's getting brighter and you send the drone ahead to get a look. The cavern looks beautiful. Baddington is out in front and Marguerite asks him to not go any further. He ignores her and the ice begins to crack under his feet. The whole edge of the ice sheet breaks away, sending you both tumbling into the cave!


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Andrea Phillips
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam