Cave Escape

Trapped in the caves with no way back and a dying drone. Can you find a way out, or will the dinos get you first?


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You've fallen into a new region of the caves, but you're unhurt. You probably won't be able to climb back up though, and Baddington has disappeared again. You need to find him and get out quickly, because once the battery in the drone dies you'll be cut off from Ice Base 3. Run!
The ground is getting rocky, but luckily Watson the dog can help track Baddington. The biomes here are different, with none of the usual dinosaurs you'd expect. There is one that looks very much like a chicken. It's puffing itself up, so it's probably either ready to fight or flirt. You don't want to find out which, so you'd best keep running!
You spot Baddington up ahead and one of the mystery dinosaurs nearby. It looks like some kind of raptor! Grant reminds Marguerite that this might not be the best time to perform detailed observations. You need to find a way out. Baddington says he's not found anything, but the dinosaur might show you something. He's named it the 'Baddosaur'. He runs off and you'd better keep up!
You catch up to Baddington and discover the dinosaur's nest. It contains the missing equipment – they must be attracted to shiny things! Unfortunately, Baddington gets too close and the dinosaur spits something into his eyes that makes him feel dizzy. Now it's eyeing up the drone. You need to run before you lose your only way to contact the base!
Baddington insists you're going the wrong way and should head back towards the Baddosaur. Even after it spat at him. Emma notices a shallow brook ahead. If you follow it, it might lead you to an opening. Marguerite heads to the surface with a rescue team to be ready for your escape.
You're being followed by some of the chicken-like dinosaurs, which is concerning. Especially since you've reached a dead end. You'll have to retrace your steps, which means moving past the dinos. The drone is in bad shape so you won't be able to distract them. You'll have to make a run for it.
You've lost the chicken-dinos, but you'll have to be sneaky to keep the drone away from the magpie-dinos. Unfortunately, one of them stands up and starts to hiss. It startles Watson, who begins to bark. So much for stealth!
Thankfully the dinosaur doesn't chase you and you manage to get away. You're near a massive underground lake. The light is brighter here, so the ice is thinner. It's also colder, which suggests you're near an exit to the surface. You can probably wade across the lake.
The small island you're on feels strange. Suddenly it moves, and you realise it's an enormous dinosaur – you were walking on its back! Quick, get to shore!
Marguerite has reached Ice Base 1 and it looks like there's a passage leading up from your cave. You'll need your pitons to climb up. Baddington complains about the rickety handholds, but there's no other choice. The drone battery runs out and you finally lose contact with the others. Better get climbing.
There's sunlight ahead! You squeeze through an opening and finally reach the surface. There's a helicopter nearby and Marguerite bundles you into it to get warm. Baddington reluctantly admits that your team's caution was warranted. But he still wants all the details he can get about the dinosaurs! 3D audio, scans to make AR copies of the dinos, surveys of the new caves! Marguerite points out that it will take a lot of resources and time and Baddington finally sees sense. He also owes you one, Rookie, but don't make it a habit.


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Andrea Phillips
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam