Dragon Corps Training

As the newest mage to be inducted into the Dragon Corps, you have a long road of training ahead. Assuming your dragon partner approves of you, of course!


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Your guide greets you inside the Dragon Corps building and tells you to start getting warmed up. You've got a strenuous day ahead! They tell you about how to behave when you meet your dragon, then the dragon himself arrives and takes offence. Your guide beats a hasty retreat.
The dragon assesses you and orders you to scratch his wings. The best way requires seven positions, seven times. Lovely! And you'll be treated to the dragon's marvellous poetry while you do it.
Commander Coretta arrives and tells the dragon to start teaching you the spells you'll need as a dragon rider. They'll need strong people like you to defeat the darkness from the Fortress of Shadows. After she leaves, the dragon instructs you to fetch the pouch that she's put down. You'll have to be sneaky across the debris-strewn floor, so keep your knees high. As you approach, you overhear Coretta discussing how to fight the darkness. She spots you, and you rush back to the dragon with the pouch. It which turns out to contain pickled eggs, the dragon's favourite. Coretta tells the dragon off, and tells you to be firm. You're here to balance out your dragon's temper. The dragon does not seem chastened.
The dragon instructs you to build up your magic while he explains the situation and what you'll be fighting. He explains that a creature called Tiraine commands the darkness and turns people it attacks into wraiths under its control. They have lost so many strong warriors, mages, and dragons to the darkness. Ah, you're humming with magic now. Rest for a moment and then you'll start to learn spellcasting.
A lightning spell is first. You climb onto the dragon's back, although you'll be staying on the ground for now. You need to gather your magic in your hands and then punch. Good job! You already seem very strong. You just need to be careful where you aim!
You're ready for a shielding spell, essential if you want to survive. Imagine you're sinking into the earth with a shell of light over you. Coretta is impressed, but reminds you to cast the shield wide, to protect your dragon as well. You hear an explosion in the distance and Coretta rushes off to investigate.
Coretta congratulates you on surviving your first day and formally welcomes you to the Dragon Corps. But it looks like your strength might be tested sooner than you thought. The alarm horns are blowing, and you need to prepare for battle. You fly at dawn!


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Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Rhys Jennings
Six to Start Ensemble
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Story By
Kendra Johnston
Script By
Kendra Johnston
Revisions By
Alex Acks
Series Created By
Kendra Johnston