The Dragons of War

The battlefield looms and the enemy approaches. Will you be able to defeat the darkness, protect your people, and survive the storm?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You're at camp, but it's been a bad night. Coretta tells you to prepare while the dragon scouts for the enemy. The dragon laments that it can no longer just eat humans who don't show proper respect. Your warm-up is cut short when Tiraine's forces are spotted. Time to join the fight!
You need to build your magic up and the dragon teaches you a way to do this quickly. It looks silly, but at least you'll be able to throw a fireball. You hear a couple of warriors worrying about what will happen. Last time, twelve dragons and their riders were captured. You'll have to fly soon, but gather as much magical energy as you can while you have the chance.
The shadows are upon you! Coretta gives the order to fly and you're quickly surrounded by dragons and mages who have been taken by the darkness. Remember that shield spell? You need to help other dragons by casting it over them. You keep casting, and it looks as though the tide is turning!
Coretta orders you to defend the crystal towers from wraiths. The dragon says you'll join forces with the other dragons and mages by creating a fire storm. This spell is slower, but more sustained than casting lightning. Use your magic to gather the fiery air the dragon's breathe, and create a maelstrom with it. The spell is enormous, and you seem to have driven the wraiths away. There's a lot of smoke in the air though, so use the spell to whip it away in the wind.
There's sounds of more combat and you realise the attack on the towers was a diversion to split your forces. Tiraine himself is attacking the Captain. The dragon has a plan, but you'll need to help him climb higher and dive faster by controlling the air. You reach a great height and the dragon begins to dive. You manage to hit Tiraine, but now he's on your tail. You need to fly fast!
You think you've escaped, but you hear Tiraine's dragon roar. They're using an invisibility spell! Tiraine mocks you, and the dragon instructs you to throw lightning at him. A good spell, but Tiraine catches it! You keep throwing spells faster and thicker, and Tiraine turns and starts to flee. Or so you thought! He casts a whirlwind spell that drives you towards the ground and damages the dragon's wing. You need to make a safer landing for the dragon using your magic, quickly!
You've landed on the forest floor, albeit a little beaten up. The dragon checks on you. His wing could be broken, so you'll be stuck here for the night at least. Be wary of everything in this forest. You need to rest up – you have a long trek tomorrow.


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Rhys Jennings
Justin Saint
Warrior Mage One
Six to Start Ensemble
Warrior Mage Two
Six to Start Ensemble
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Story By
Kendra Johnston
Script By
Kendra Johnston
Revisions By
Alex Acks
Series Created By
Kendra Johnston