Forests and Firestones

Stuck in a dangerous forest with no way out unless you can help the dragon heal himself. Will you find what you need, or will the woods claim you first?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
The dragon wakes you and explains that you need to find a firestone to heal his wing. Warm up so you're ready to go, while the dragon tells you about all the things that could kill you in the forest. He's going to meld his mind with yours so he can guide you. Just ignore any cravings for raw flesh and you'll be fine!
Firestones are found by boiling waterfalls, and you'll need to use a rock hammer and chisel to extract one from the rock. You jog alongside a stream while the dragon recites some more of his poetry to you through your mental link. Be careful though, the dragon thinks there might be a troll ahead.
That is a big troll! You approach carefully. The troll asks if you want to fight, or if you would rather have tea. The dragon is very clear that you want to fight and the troll acquiesces. You'll need to be ready to dodge the troll's blows. You manage to avoid the punches until it becomes dizzy from trying to catch you and collapses. Good work!
You need to keep moving so you can return to the dragon by nightfall. The dragon tells you to freeze. You've walked into a grove of dryads. You need to act like a tree to prove that you're no threat. Squat down, lean against that rock wall, and stay still until the dryads calm down. Good job – they seem to have gone back to sleep. And you did such a convincing job that the magic has started to turn you into a rock. Easy enough to reverse, thankfully.
You've walked into a fairy ring! The fairies encourage you to dance with them, but the dragon says they're trying to lure you to the fairy kingdom. But if you don't dance, they'll probably turn you into a mushroom. The dragon says you should try some jumping jacks. They look silly enough to confuse the fairies. It seems to work, and the fairies beg you to leave. You should keep doing them though, just in case they change their minds.
You reach the waterfall and find a firestone. You break off a piece and start to hurry back to the dragon. The forest is particularly dangerous at night, so be careful. The most dangerous creature is a unicorn and there's one nearby! Hit the ground and crawl through the undergrowth to keep yourself hidden. They think anything they can trample couldn't be a threat, so it won't be as dangerous if you're on the ground. Perhaps you should keep crawling for a while longer?
Back at last. The dragon has eaten the firestone so his wing will be healed by morning. You've done so well in fact, that the dragon reveals his name to you: Vellichor. You should be honoured! Get some rest – you must return to the Dragon Corps tomorrow.


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Rhys Jennings
Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Story By
Kendra Johnston
Script By
Kendra Johnston
Revisions By
Alex Acks
Series Created By
Kendra Johnston