Friend or Foe

A mission to retrieve vital supplies leads you to the desert wastes. Do allies or enemies lie in wait?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You're back in the Dragon Corps Arena, and Coretta wakes you. She has an assignment: You need to gather more crystals to shield the arena. Vellichor complains about the sound of the Drum Corps, but seems enthusiastic about visiting the Wastelands for this mission.
You need to charge up your magic using Crunches because the Wastelands are unforgiving. Vellichor worries that your magic doesn't seem as strong today. Maybe it's because of the damage to the crystal towers. Keep it up! You've got a long flight ahead of you.
You land in the blisteringly hot desert, and Vellichor shields you from the sun with his wing while you start to hunt for crystals. The crystals spikes protrude from the ground, so you'll need to be careful where you walk. They're important because the crystals restore hope and vigour to those who harness their power, and the wraiths have yet to discover the source of them. Vellichor spots a glitter in the distance, so keep moving!
You've found the crystals, and about time too! It's getting dark. Vellichor teaches you a telekinesis spell so that you can move the crystals without needing to lift them. There must be hundreds of them here! You'll take as many as the two of you can carry. Suddenly there's a sound of great beating wings overhead. A phoenix! Vellichor will distract it while you gather more crystals.
The phoenix demands to know what you're doing with its crystals. Vellichor tells you to build storm magic while he keeps the phoenix occupied. The phoenix asks what you need the crystals for, but when Vellichor explains, the phoenix says that crystals and magic alone will not help you defeat the darkness. It can show you what it takes. The phoenix says that the wraiths cannot be defeated by external forces, but it can teach you a spell to overcome them. Better release that storm magic you gathered.
The phoenix explains the new spell to you. You need to find willpower and focus to defeat the darkness. Focus on knowing that you are strong enough. Vellichor doesn't seem convinced, but the phoenix tells him off and continues the lesson. Find the calm centre of yourself and focus on it.
You're glowing like a phoenix now, as are the crystals! The phoenix explains that the crystals amplify the strength already inside you. When morale is low, the crystals lose their power. The sun is rising – you must return to Coretta, and the Phoenix must begin its rebirth. Before you can take off, Tiraine appears and uses a chain spell to bind you and Vellichor. You've been captured, and soon enough you will join the fallen.


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Six to Start Ensemble
Rhys Jennings
Six to Start Ensemble
Justin Saint
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Story By
Kendra Johnston
Script By
Kendra Johnston
Revisions By
Alex Acks
Series Created By
Kendra Johnston