Darkest Before the Dawn

Captured by the enemy, and things are looking dire. Can you escape before the darkness takes you too?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Vellichor wakes you when he mind melds with you. You're in a cell and there are guards coming. You might be able to learn something useful. The guards talk about corrupting you by using Vellichor, because your bond is so strong. Time to warm up. You'll need to be limber if you want to escape.
The only way to break the restraints is with your phoenix magic. You'll need to find that inner focus, and with how you're chained, the best way will be to lie down on your back, arms and legs raised. While you charge your magic, Vellichor explains his plan to get you out of the castle.
You're glowing brightly – you can probably melt the chains now. Remember, the real power is in your mind. You won't be prisoners forever. Once your chains are gone, you slip out of the cell. You'll have to trust Vellichor completely. His senses are sharper than yours, and he can tell that parts of the floor are trapped so you'll have to stretch to get over them. You make it to the hallway overlooking the courtyard, but the guards have been alerted to your escape. Quickly, duck behind those barrels until they pass. When Vellichor breathes fire, sprint down the stairs.
The archers have arrows enhanced with Screaming Death, so you need to make it difficult for them to hit you. Get running! You've really confused them and you're nearly there.
You need to get Vellichor out of those chains, and to do that, you'll need to focus every confident thought you have. The best way to cast lightning is with a punch. The chains are strong though, and don't break. Vellichor becomes frantic and admits to needing your help. Finally, the chains binding him crack open. You climb onto his back and escape into the air, causing a lot of damage as you go. Tiraine and some of the wraiths are after you, so keep throwing lightning as you fly!
Vellichor flies towards the sun for a MegaNova move while Tiraine chases you. Vellichor realises that Tiraine is your shadow! You need to find the last thought holding you back and let it go, or this war will never end. Together, you and Vellichor are unstoppable! You summon the greatest storm yet and finally Tiraine is defeated. Now you know what to do, you can tell Coretta how to win against the darkness.
You finally get a moment to rest, and Vellichor thanks you for freeing him. He tells you that you are the greatest human he has ever met. You should return home now to the Dragon Corps, and perhaps steal him some more pickled eggs.


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Rhys Jennings
First Shadow Guard
Six to Start Ensemble
Second Shadow Guard
Six to Start Ensemble
Justin Saint
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Story By
Kendra Johnston
Script By
Kendra Johnston
Revisions By
Alex Acks
Series Created By
Kendra Johnston