The Fellowship of Sacrifices

Each generation, when the world sings, a warrior named Five leads the fellowship of sacrifices to regain God's favour.


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The world is singing, and Sam calls you to prepare for the quest given by God. Sam wonders what your ancestors did to upset God, but hopefully this will bring her back. You head to the village's longhouse.
Inside the longhouse, Janine speaks. She explains that every generation a warrior named Five leads the Fellowship of Five Sacrifices on a quest to win back God's favour. Maxie complains that this has been going on for 100 years with no success. A thunderclap seems to suggest God is listening. Paula says that she is going, and Maxie won't let her go alone. Janine will take the final place on the Fellowship. It's time to leave!
You venture into the woods and find yourself in the orchard. This is where you used to lay out the dead for the spiders to take, before the spiders started to pray on the living. Maxie doubts that God ever existed, so Janine says it will be Maxie's fault if the quest fails. You hear chittering in the darkness and Sam thinks he sees a spider. Better run!
You reach the Pool of Perpetual Rain, and see a figure ahead with horns and a staff. It's a Kevesh, a goat-headed spirit, that might try to lead you astray. Janine tells you to throw your spear at it, but the spear vanishes when you do. The spirit appears behind you and tells you that the spiders approach. You need to get moving!
You reach the deepest part of the forest and see five white chrysalises hanging from the trees. The spiders used to put bodies there to await paradise. One has a spear sticking out of it – this might be the previous fellowship. A spider arrives and it has the face of a girl who went missing from the village! The spider grabs Janine. You need to get her back!
You catch up to the spider and find Janine hung up in a chrysalis. You cut it down and find only clean white bones, plus Janine's shaman charm. You don't have time to mourn though. There are more spiders swarming! Run!
You run from the spiders and eventually hear water. You must be near the sea! Maxie spots a rock painted with the Cleric's marks. This must be the entrance to the holy-of-holies mentioned in the legends! The spiders surround you, but instead of attacking, they kneel in front of the stone. The stone begins to move, revealing the entrance. You should hurry inside.
You reach the shrine, which is surrounded by seashells. You put them into your ears, like the ancient scrolls showed. When you do, you hear God. God tells you to stand in the symbol of the five-pointed star to be anointed as her champion. God says she needs your help. The Kevesh corrupted the spiders and imprisoned her, and you need to cross the endless sea to free her. She has prepared a vessel for you. You enter the diving bell and it carries you to the far shore. You reach the mirror-land below the endless sea. Your quest has only just begun!


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Victoria Grove
Sally Orrock
Six to Start Ensemble
Janine de Luca
Eleanor Rushton
Paula Cohen
Victoria Grove
Sam Yao
Philip Nightingale
Sam West
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam