The Sleeping Towers

You head into the ruined city, but not everything there is sleeping.


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The new world you find yourselves in is amazing, with huge buildings and amazing plants. God tells you that you are the people she has awaited for 100 years. She says that she sent your people away aeons ago to protect you from the Kevesh, but she can't protect you all while imprisoned. The Kevesh may try to stop you. You need to acquire the two keys to free her from prison. The first is the Ring of the Queen, and can be found in the tallest of the Sleeping Towers. Hurry!
The ruins are unstable and the tower is further away than you thought. It looks like there's something at the top – it looks like a curled-up bat. The stones of the buildings are blackened and some of them are melted. Paula finds an ominous message written on the wall in ash that says "God has forsaken us". God explains that they forsook her because they were under the sway of the Kevesh. You should be quiet as you walk. Some things should be left sleeping.
You reach what must have been the centre of the ruined city and see a stained-glass window of what God calls a dragon, protecting her people. You also find the remains of a previous Fellowship. God says that the Kevesh controls the spiders and the dragon now. Sam knocks over a statue, which breaks with a crash, and the noise awakens the dragon. You need to move quickly!
You hide in one of the buildings and watch the dragon pass overhead through a crack in the roof. The dragon attacks the building you're in and starts to melt the roof. You won't survive another pass, so get running!
The dragon chases you through the ruins. Maxie saves Paula from the flames in the nick of time! The dragon seems to know where you're going and has blocked you from reaching the tower. It roars, and Paula notices a Kevesh on the dragon's back. The dragon tries to throw it off, but the Kevesh drives its staff into the dragon's head. It falls towards you. Run!
Maxie wonders why the Kevesh killed the dragon if they supposedly controlled it. God says that it's a Kevesh trick to make you believe it's helping. The Tower is sealed by a miracle that only Five can break. You enter the Tower and see hundreds of chambers, each holding a sleeping person. God says they're awaiting paradise, but you need only concern yourself with the Queen. Unfortunately, the dragon was not slain and it can smell you. Quickly, climb the stairs!
You reach the throne room, where God says that you can rest. It is extremely opulent. There is writing on the side of the Queen's chamber that says "Amelia Spens". You are instructed to prise open the chamber and take the ring off the Queen's finger. You have acquired the first Ring of Power. When you look out of the window, you see great white plains stretching off into the distance. God says that beyond them is a wall you will have to scale. The Queen breaks out of her chamber – she seems to have been corrupted. From below, you hear matching noises. The rest of the sleepers have awoken. Seal the chamber and get moving. The lives of your people depend on it!


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Victoria Grove
Sally Orrock
Paula Cohen
Victoria Grove
Sam Yao
Philip Nightingale
Sam West
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam