The Return of the Queen

Your quest continues across the white plains, as secrets are revealed and doubts are sown among you.


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You've reached the great white plain, and ahead, the wall where you will find the second Ring. Sam entertains himself with a snowball. Up ahead you see creatures roaming – God calls them "mammoths". You hear a faint noise that sounds like the Queen. She should remain trapped where she is, but you will need to make haste regardless.
God says that she can still control the weather here, and she's frozen a lake for you to cross. Maxie questions whether Paradise is even real, when there's this huge world they never knew about. God apologises, but says that knowledge corrupts and she wanted to keep you safe. Paradise is real. Between the drifts of snow, you see the Queen. Even the tower couldn't contain her. She attacks a mammoth and starts to eat it. God can delay her, but only temporarily. You'll need to move quickly!
God speaks to you, but you lose contact again. You hide in the white spires, hoping that the Queen will not find you. Sam notices a distortion near you, and the Kevesh appears and tries to speak. It takes off its helmet to reveal a person like you. She introduces herself as Ellie, and asks if you really think you can trust God. She says she's here to tell you the truth, but you're interrupted by the Queen smashing through the ice and retrieving something Ellie calls an "automatic rifle". She uses it to kill a mammoth. Ellie tells you to hide in the drifts. The snow might slow the bullets.
You hide in the snow drifts and Paula demands an explanation from Ellie. Why should you trust her? Ellie tells you to brush the snow away and look beneath the ice. You see a person frozen there. Ellie explains that there was a huge city here, until God caused a flood and froze the water to preserve her knowledge. Ellie's people feared what would happen to them, until they found a way to hide from God. They hadn't trapped her at all, and they wanted to contact you because they feared what God was doing to you. Your quest must be very important to God. Maxie and Paula wonder who they can really trust. The Queen is close, and Ellie says she can lead you to a shelter.
Paula starts coughing when you enter the cave, and it seems like God is trying to break through to you. Ellie says that if God finds her people, she will destroy them. The Queen has found you. Ellie tells you to touch a stone on the wall. The floor moves and starts to raise you upwards. Ellie explains that the world wasn't made by God, but by the ancestors of Ellie's people, to survive a great calamity. The rich tried to hibernate through the calamity, but something went wrong. Ellie hears something through her magic, and says it's her people screaming. The sleepers have found them! She begs you not to tell God about her, and vanishes to go and help them. God gets back in contact and tells you that the Queen is climbing the lift shaft. You pull the lift door open and start to run to the bridge.
You reach the bridge and God says the Queen can't get through the door. She instructs you to approach the throne. Sam wonders if you should be following God's instructions. The person on the throne is something God calls an Android. God instructs you to take its ring, but Maxie interrupts and demands answers about the city beneath the ice. God says that they were allies of the Kevesh who made terrible weapons, so she destroyed the city to protect you. On a screen you see the white plains full of wakened sleepers. You take the ring and follow God's instructions. It reveals an endless sea. God says that the world was really a vessel she used to sail you across the sea, and ahead is your new home: Paradise.


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Victoria Grove
Sally Orrock
Ellie Maxted
Rosalyn Mitchell
Dr. Maxine Myers
Sally Orrock
Paula Cohen
Victoria Grove
Sam Yao
Philip Nightingale
Sam West
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam