The Edge of the World

At the top of the world lies the goal of your quest – and the end to suffering. Or is there more at work than you know?


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Paradise is beautiful. God says it would have caused pain to previous generations to know they were trapped on a ship for the rest of their lives, unable to reach it. Paula admits that she has the wasting sickness, but God says even she can live in Paradise forever. The sleepers are nearly here, and they're incredibly strong. Head to engineering so you can free God. Ellie speaks to you privately – her people were slaughtered. Maybe you should do as God says to reach Paradise, but you have her teleport bracelet if you need it. It can transport you and one other.
The sleepers are filling the ship, so you need to move quickly. You walk onto a high gantry overlooking the entirety of this created world. Maxie says that the whole world is a lie, but God says that she had to treat you like children so as to not drive you mad. The sleepers have your scent. Run!
If you look down you can see your village, and the pool of eternal rain – actually a dripping water pipe that God chose not to fix. You can also see the sleepers running through the forest, but God says no one will be harmed. You look up to see the spiders unfurling and falling onto the gantry behind you. God doesn't have control of them any longer. Run!
There are so many spiders – you have to keep moving! The sleepers are climbing up the trees of the Forest that Pierces the Heavens. You're trapped! God says there is a transparent platform beneath you, under the cover of the clouds. You jump onto it. Now head along the path behind the moon!
You've made it to the edge of the world and open a door in the sky. It leads you to a room with what God calls "spacesuits", which you put on quickly. The sleepers and the spiders are smashing at the door. One of the spiders has Janine's face! God instructs you to push a button, and when you do, the creatures are sucked outside. You need to keep going.
You can see Paradise right above your heads! God tells you to follow the railing around the edge of the ship to reach her. Maxie notices that Paradise seems to be fading, the colours changing to reveal a strange black structure. God screams at you to keep running or you'll burn!
You reach the airlock and manage to get inside the ship. You open a door and see someone, tiny and shrivelled. She claims to be God. Her name used to be Petra and she's sick of stories. There is no Paradise or eternal life, not for you, at least. She was granted eternal life by the creatures on the planet below, but not eternal youth. This planet is like a Venus flytrap, with humans as flies. Her job is to deliver the flies to the trap by keeping them ignorant and docile. And you will help her or she will kill the people of your village.


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Victoria Grove
Sally Orrock
Ellie Maxted
Rosalyn Mitchell
Paula Cohen
Victoria Grove
Sam Yao
Philip Nightingale
Sam West
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam