There's been radio silence from a mining starfreighter for months. Can you and your team find out what happened?


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You're part of a team of three entering a mining starfreighter, the Starship Hephaestus. You're there for an info sweep, with Sam on comms. Last contact was three months ago when a solar storm broke transmission – there's been silence ever since. The crew's orders were to seal themselves in stasis chambers if anything happened. You're near the airlock entrance.
You enter the ship and Peter samples the atmosphere. There's a particulate present that isn't in the database. You activate the oxygen generators to make the air safe to breathe. Jody speculates that synths may be responsible for whatever happened, even though the Rebellion is a tiny minority of their population. You head to the bridge to try and find some of the crew.
Even though the air is breathable, the particulate is still present so you keep your helmets on. The escape pods haven't been activated, although a bulkhead has been scraped. There are bloody handprints – the marks of someone being dragged. The ship's fire suppression system malfunctions and starts to vacuum a compartment at a time. Run!
You're safe for now, but don't know what made the computer think it detected a fire. There's a huge dent in a barricaded door that leads to the mines. Jody discovers the dismembered body of a synth, recognisable by the green blood. Sam is unbothered, dismissing the synth as not being a person. Peter corrects him. Synths have been know to kill other synths who don't join their rebellion. Keep running to evade the fire system.
You head towards the bridge. The particulate is so thick that it's hard to see. Peter's dataslate senses life from the crew quarters but the signal isn't clear. You split up – you and Jody head for the bridge to deactivate the fire system and Peter goes to investigate the crew quarters.
You and Jody are nearly there. It's the particulate that the computer has misread as a fire. The compartment you're in is about to vent when Sam spots the emergency shutdown button. You hit it just as the depressurisation starts. You try to contact Peter but neither you nor Sam can reach him. You and Jody go to investigate.
Peter isn't in the crew quarters and there are bloodstains on the floor. There's a hole in the floor, ripped through from the vent below, and Peter's dataslate is next to it. Sam picks up Peter's life signals from the lower decks, along with other life signals. He never would have gone down there without his equipment. Sam says if it was rebel synths then Peter's done for. You have to rescue Peter if you can.


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Six to Start Ensemble
Jody Marsh (Runner 4)
Jennifer Tan
Peter Lynne
Will Green
Sam Yao
Philip Nightingale
Jude Reid
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam