The High Seas

Forced to flee London, you took to the seas and found yourself the prisoner of a notorious pirate crew. Your knowledge is invaluable to them, but what are they searching for?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You're woken by Doctor Samuel, the Master Alchemist of London! Well, at least he had been until that pesky explosion. Your ship was attacked on your way out of London and you were captured by pirates! You're interrupted by one of the pirates, Bosun Gil, who orders you out of the cell to go and see the Captain.
The Bosun explains that the Captain has ordered you thrown overboard unless Doctor Samuel agrees to help the Captain learn the secrets of his books. They makes you walk the plank and explain how rotten it is. You'd better get into a Plank position to distribute your weight. You hold up until Doctor Samuel agrees to help. The Doctor is dragged away to the brig while the pirates haul the plank in. It looks like there's a storm brewing.
The clouds are sweeping in quickly and there's something odd about them. You're told to batten down the hatches and you're helped by Jenny, the ship's Quartermaster, who shows you how to Lunge to work more efficiently. Jenny is very excited to read the Doctor's books. The ship is being turned to face into the storm since the prow is the strongest part. Help batten down the last of the hatches, but be ready to lash yourself to the mast!
You start to lash yourself to the mast as the storm worsens, only to see Doctor Samuel emerge from below decks. Bosun Gil tells you to grab him since you're closest, but you'll need to dodge the barrels that have been loosed by the storm. If you see one rolling towards you, you need to jump it in a move the pirates have invented called a 'Jumping Jack'. You make it over to the Doctor who says the pirates are looking for something that scares him. Both of you need to get to the mast to ride out the storm so keep jumping!
The storm is dying down and up by the wheel you see an imposing woman. Doctor Samuel thinks she's the Captain! She says that this storm is the first sign that you're on the right track to reach the Isle of Gnosis, the legendary home of the Philosopher's Stone! The storm is circling round behind the ship and you need to catch it or it will destroy the ship. You need to help unfurl the sails by doing Bicep Curls. Ready? Heave!
The ship is moving quickly with the wind in its sails. Doctor Samuel talks about how finding the Philosopher's Stone would make you heroes to the art of Alchemy. Jenny calls your attention to an island in the distance, one surrounded by the masts of destroyed ships. Bosun Gil tells you that whatever is waiting there, you're going to be the first ones to find out!


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Bosun Gil
Sarah Griffin
Dr. Samuel
Philip Nightingale
Eleanor Rushton
Captain Nadia
Jennifer Tan
Elliott Gresswell
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam