The Devil and the Deep

You're near land, but that's hardly the end of your problems. Something lurks beneath the waves – and it's hungry.


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
The ship heads towards land and Doctor Samuel suggests stretching to stay limber. The Doctor marvels at the creatures you're seeing, but notices that they're all swimming away from the island, like birds from a hunter. Oh dear. You'd best run over to warn the Captain!
As you reach the Captain, something begins to rise from the sea. A kraken, and it's attacking the ship! The Captain gives you her spare cutlass and shows you how to use a Hook movement to take the creature down. The kraken finally starts to back off, but it's still thrashing at the sails and the cannons have run out of shot. The Captain sends you and Jenny below to figure out a way of getting more firepower.
Jenny takes you to the galley where she's loaded cans with nails and buttons to improvise cannon shot. She hands you a couple of cans and tells you to run to the gun deck. You need all the scrap you can get!
That hit knocked over the guns! You'll have to help set them upright. Watch how Blackpowder Tom Squats to lift them and follow him. Good job! But you need more gunpowder. Try lifting some more of the guns on the way!
You find Doctor Samuel in the gunpowder store room searching for his alchemical supplies. The ship lurches as the kraken hits it, and you hear a lamp break nearby. The whole room will go up in smoke so you need to get out quickly! Remember your climbing egress practice! It's a bit like the moves Mountain Climbers use! You make it up to the deck and explain the situation to the Captain. You need to abandon ship, but you'll have to climb up the rigging to jump clear of the kraken!
You make it to the end of the yardarm, just in time to see the explosion. It's now or never, Five! Doctor Samuel hopes you can swim, but gives you instructions on the Breaststroke to help. Head for the island, while the Doctor clings to this driftwood. The tide should get you there soon.
You wash up on the beach with the Captain and what remains of her crew. Unfortunately, Jenny is among the dead. The Captain vows to find the Philosopher's Stone in her honour. You don't have time to mourn though. You're surrounded!


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Bosun Gil
Sarah Griffin
Dr. Samuel
Philip Nightingale
Eleanor Rushton
Captain Nadia
Jennifer Tan
Alister MacQuarrie
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam