King of the Jungle

Trapped on the island surrounded by beastly warriors – can things really get worse?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Things look a bit dire right now. Bosun Gil decides to attack the jaguar-men that surround you and the other pirates join in. Captain Nadia tells them to focus on cutting a path to the forest instead. Better get running!
Captain Nadia and Bosun Gil argue. Doctor Samuel tries to placate them by talking about the wonders of the Philosopher's Stone. Up ahead, you spot the jaguar-men from earlier, including a wounded one. More giant animals approach and begin to eat the wounded. Unfortunately, one of them hears you. Run for your life!
The beast-people are still after you. If you get into the water, the hanging branches should hide you. Doctor Samuel comments on the anatomy of the beast-people and how they seem able to control animals. Captain Nadia tells Bosun Gil to take half the crew back to shore to salvage a shipwreck. But she's interrupted by the fish in the water flashing their scales... and attracting a giant flying lizard! Doctor Samuel has you light a flare and lead them away, then chases after you when he realises you still have his books!
You manage to lead the lizards away and hopefully the thick canopy of trees will hide you. Doctor Samuel recognises the volcano visible above the trees and believes it to be the location of the Stone. The trees around you seem to peel back, exposing you to the flying lizards once more! You hit one of the lizards with a branch. You're saved by the appearance of a man who looks to have been in the Navy, who tells you he knows a way through the woods.
You're led to a spot where the canopy once again hides you, but the plants seem to move away from the Navy man. He claims to be His Imperial Majesty, Crichton the First, and also keeps talking to himself. He says he's been stranded on the island for three years, and he has declared himself King. He also seems to have some of the beast-people under his control. He becomes angry when he discovers that you have no ship and declares you thieves. The forest itself begins to move to trap you. Quick, towards the clearing!
The grass keeps trying to trip you up and the flying lizards are closing in. You make it to a cave and use some gunpowder that Doctor Samuel stole to collapse the cave entrance, blocking the vegetation and the lizards. On the cave wall you see many carvings of the island and a rock from the sky. Could this be the Philosopher's Stone? Doctor Samuel thinks you're close. When he discovers the Stone he will usher in a new age of discovery!


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Bosun Gil
Sarah Griffin
Rob Dukes
Dr. Samuel
Philip Nightingale
Captain Nadia
Jennifer Tan
Alister MacQuarrie
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam