Threshold of Paradise

With the very island turned against you, you venture onwards. But are there worse mysteries lurking beneath the earth?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
Doctor Samuel believes that your luck has changed and you are looking at fame and fortune! Unfortunately, in closing up the cave mouth, you inadvertently caused several smaller cave-ins. He tells you to clear the way. Remember to Squat to lift the rocks so you don't strain yourself.
Doctor Samuel talks about his books and the Azoth, or element of life, which can cure any ill. He believes that Crichton may have stumbled upon a fragment of it that allows him to control the flora and fauna of the island. You reach a cavern containing several skeletons dressed in red uniforms. They must have been there for a while. Unfortunately, Crichton has found you. You need to climb down the crevasse. Remember your Mountain Climber training? You get closer to the bottom of the crevasse and then jump.
That jump was a bit higher than anticipated, and unfortunately, things aren't looking better. The tunnel descends into a stream of hot water from the volcano. You'll need to swing over the water using those hanging vines. Pull yourself along as though you're doing Chair Dips! Keep swinging until you reach that ledge, Five!
You land on the ledge and find a door set into the rock. Crichton is sending crocodiles into the hot water after you, but Doctor Samuel believes he can see a vine connected to a pulley system. Use a motion like a Bicep Curl to pull the lever. As you pull, the Doctor notices that some of the vines have developed reflective chitinous plates, like mirrors! As you pull on the lever, the mirrors align and reflect a beam of sunlight onto the door which causes it to open. You head inside quickly. Better use the pulley system inside to close it now before those crocodiles reach you!
Beyond the door is a lush underground garden where you encounter Captain Nadia once more. She says she saw Doctor Samuel rushing past. You need to help her cut through the vegetation. When you're done, the Captain tells you where Doctor Samuel went, but she seems to be having a hard time staying awake.
You find the Doctor in a clearing in the shape of a perfect circle. In the centre you see a pile of precious minerals. Doctor Samuel is entranced, but says that the minerals crumble to ash whenever he tries to take a sample. You hear the voice of Jenny De Luca, who says that everyone hears voices of people they respect here. You're interrupted by Crichton who's made it through with the crocodiles. Jenny tells you not to worry. The entire island is the Philosopher's Stone, Crichton is its servant, and it needs your help!


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Rob Dukes
Dr. Samuel
Philip Nightingale
Eleanor Rushton
Captain Nadia
Jennifer Tan
Elliott Gresswell
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam