The Philosopher's Stone

You've found the heart of the island, but will you be able to leave it behind?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
The Light tells you that it is a friend and that it crashed here ages ago when travelling from another firmament. It also seems to be controlling Doctor Samuel. It tells you that it sent dreams to entice people it could use as vessels to the island. The kraken was supposed to bring sailors, but they arrived injured or useless, like Crichton. Everything will become part of it. And you are the perfect vessel! You resist it, but the Light says that you can still be of use. Doctor Samuel throws a smoke bomb, blotting out the Light and letting you think clearly. You need to run!
The Stone is still in your mind as you run through the jungle. You encounter Captain Nadia, who guides you to a tunnel you can use to escape. You hear a roaring sound as you run. It's a giant chimera beast being ridden by Crichton! Nadia spots a sliver of daylight. Head towards it!
You cut through the ferns and see the volcano belching clouds of black smoke. You disrupted the Light's hold on the entire island! Nadia says you need to make it to the beach where the crew are repairing the ship, but Crichton will catch you long before then. The Doctor spots Crichton's cabin in the distance. Didn't he have gunpowder stored in there?
You reach the cabin, which is a replica of a ship's cabin grown out of plants. It's full of gunpowder and Crichton's ramblings, written on leaves. The Light kindles avarice and tempts you into service... and Captain Nadia was there much longer than you were. It offered her safety and a lifetime of bounty for her crew. Doctor Samuel realises that the chase is theatre to force you onto the ship and carry the Light out into the world. But now you've realised this, Nadia will have to kill you. You shove the gunpowder barrels onto her, grab one of them, and run!
You reach the top of the ridge and see Crichton in the jungle below. You're going to turn the barrel into a bomb to stop him. Nadia is after you though, so you'll need to keep her at bay while the Doctor works. The barrel is lit and you kick it down towards Crichton. Nadia jumps after it to try to stop it. It explodes and throws Crichton and his beast off a ridge. Nadia is still alive, but not for long. At least she has been freed of the Light in her last moments. The Light speaks to you again saying it can keep Nadia and Jenny alive in your mind, but not if it's destroyed. It's losing control and the volcano is starting to erupt. You need to get to the beach!
You reach the shore, but there's no-one there, just shipwrecks. The Light speaks with many voices, trying to blame Doctor Samuel for everything. A badly burnt Crichton also comes lurching out of the forest. Just as everything seems lost, a cannonball hits Crichton and you hear Bosun Gil call out to you from the distance. There's a tree jutting out over the water. You can climb it and avoid the lava if you're quick.
You make it to the boat and Bosun Gil thanks you for saving them with the flare. The Doctor tells them that Captain Nadia died saving your lives and that the Philosopher's Stone was best left buried. As you cast off and leave the island behind, the Doctor apologises for his treatment of you before, and says that he considers you true partners. He has some new ideas, but he fancies you're pirates for now!


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Bosun Gil
Sarah Griffin
Rob Dukes
Dr. Samuel
Philip Nightingale
Eleanor Rushton
Captain Nadia
Jennifer Tan
Elliott Gresswell
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam