A shamanic ritual goes so very wrong, and there's only one chance for escape


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Aeneas, to the surprise of all of you, agrees to the sacrificial rites that bind his promise of surrender. But when he slays his lamb, Sam realises it is bleeding far too much... Maeve the Shaman realises their sacred space has been corrupted, and you must all run before the dark magic takes hold.
Maeve helps you crawl up onto the burial mounds, where the blood flood stops. But the sacred earth, instead of spitting the blood out, allows it to sink in. The burial mounds begin to shake and crack open, and horrendous corpses crawl out, biting and turning the Pictish people into similar creatures. Maeve orders you to follow her.
Maeve leads you towards the sacred grove, which blood magic cannot touch. She realises someone has used their powers to bring back the dead, called revenants. She doesn't have the power to undo the magic, but the grove will at least keep you safe. It's a long way to go, so you need to keep ahead of the revenants.
The revenants are fast and tricksy, imbued with the powers of Maeve's tribes, who can move with nature. She knows a stream nearby, which should mean they lose your scents.
Maeve thinks you have lost them, and tells you all the story of her wife, Orla, another shaman who would have had the power to stop the revenants. She tells you how Orla was killed by a Roman soldier, too far from their lands for her shamanic mark to be passed onto a new shaman. But Petronius cuts her story short when he realises the revenants are still following, so your only hope now is the sacred grove.
Maeve can't figure out how the revenants have found you. Aeneas falls behind, and the revenants surround him. Only then do you notice that none of them try to kill him -- and he takes off his robes, revealing his tattoos glow blue. He was the one to torture Orla, Maeve's wife, and to find out the incantation needed to raise the dead. He tattooed it on himself so he wouldn't need to speak it aloud, he just needed to spill blood in a sacred Pictish place. Now that's done, he can build his empire of the dead. He sends his revenants after you.
The revenants catch hold of Sam's tunic, but he rips the arm off to escape. The revenants shrink back in fear, and you all see that Sam's birth mark on his shoulder is glowing. Once inside the grove, safe at last, Maeve realises that Sam was born the same day her wife was murdered -- meaning her shamanic mark transferred to Sam. Only you can stop Aeneas now, if Sam chooses to take on his shaman powers.


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Tom Syms
Six to Start Ensemble
Sally Orrock
Will Green
Sam Yao
Philip Nightingale
Sam West
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam