Ducunt Volentem Fata

After a turbulent journey, you arrive in Alexandria with Sam. But it's not a holiday! An old friend's life is on the line, and mistakes from the past are being dredged up once more.


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After a long journey, you've finally arrived in Alexandria with Samnium. Sam leads you away from the docks so you can talk in private. He has a lot to tell you, and a man's life hangs in the balance.
Sam explains that the orders Fulvus gave him in Rome were a stay of execution for an old friend called Septimus. Sam insists he's a good man and he knows the Emperor will pardon him. Svea taught Sam how to draw memories out of objects. He pulls out a coin and uses it to show you what happened last time he was in Aegyptus. You witness a younger Sam and his first Centurion. But Sam says it's too painful to watch. You're interrupted by Lostris, an old friend of Sam's, who tells you you'll need to be quick if you want to save Septimus.
Lostris was a local guide for the legions when Sam was serving in Aegyptus, and she regrets it. You need to convince Septimus to accept the stay of execution, and he's refusing to talk to anyone.
Lostris persuades the guard to let you see Septimus. He's out in the exercise yard.
You find Septimus running around the yard as penance, and you decide to run alongside him. Septimus refuses the stay of execution and says he will stay in Egypt and face the judgement of Ma'at, an Aegyptian deity. Lostris says he had insisted on being tried as an Aegyptian, and not even the Emperor has the right to stop his execution. Septimus says he's made his peace with death and he will face judgement for what happened the last time they were together in Alexandria. Sam pleads with him, but the guard throws you out. Septimus says his goodbyes, but Sam is determined to save him. You need to head to the nearest temple of Ma'at.
Sam finds the temple underwhelming, and Lostris says all the impressive temples are to Roman Gods. She's done with the gods altogether. Sam heads inside and is met by the priestess, Nadiya, who asks your business. She knows Septimus, and says he has spoken of you. If Septimus agrees, she can bring him to the temple to face Ma'at's judgement. Sam thanks her, and Nadiya says that when the time comes, Sam will tell her about many things, including his powers. You must be quick to save Septimus's life.
Nadiya is speeding ahead on her wheeled chair, and dawn is nearly here. Lostris asks Sam about his sorcery and he asks her to keep it quiet. You encounter a procession taking Septimus to the execution grounds. If you're quick, you might be able to show the Governor your orders. Move quickly!
The crowd lets you through when Nadiya reveals herself to be the Priestess of Ma'at. You encounter the Governor, Selene Antonia, and Lostris is less than complimentary about her. Sam and Nadiya interrupt Selene's speech, and Nadiya says by law she can take Septimus to the temple for judgement. Septimus agrees to that, but Sam spots someone whispering to the Governor. Lostris says he's Selene's advisor, and he spends his time in the great library. Sam thinks there's something familiar about him. Selene changes her mind, and Septimus is beheaded. Nadiya says that there is something rotting at the heart of Alexandria, and you must help her root out the decay.


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