Finis Africae

After a turbulent journey, you and Samnium arrive in Alexandria. But it's far from a sight-seeing tour. Sam's past might be catching up with him, a man's life is on the line, and a dark force is growing in the desert.

After a turbulent journey, you arrive in Alexandria with Sam. But it's not a holiday! An old friend's life is on the line, and mistakes from the past are being dredged up once more.
An investigation into the missing legion takes you into the desert, and into danger.
You arrive at the Valley of the Kings to see the Priests of Ma'at, but your pursuers are on your trail, and worse things lie in wait.
Facing judgement, you must travel through the Realm of Ma'at to discover the hidden truth of the past, and find a way to save the future.
Armed with knowledge, you set out to restore balance. But the path is haunted by ghouls... and past mistakes.