Nolentem Trahunt

An investigation into the missing legion takes you into the desert, and into danger.


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Nadiya has led you out into the desert to investigate what happened to Septimus and his legion. Lostris says that they went on patrol as normal, and only Septimus returned, delirious and babbling about the spirits of the dead. Lostris spots a trade caravan, and Nadiya suggests catching up with them to see if they know anything.
Lostris says the traders won't talk to Romans, so she sends you and Sam along while she and Nadiya talk. Sam says he has enough strength for another vision, and you see Sam's memory of his time in the legion. Centurion Marcus is talking about searching for rebels, and he thinks they might be at a settlement at the edge of the desert. You'll go and investigate, with Lostris as your guide. The vision ends, and Sam apologises. He's scared of showing you what happened next. Lostris and Nadiya return with information; the legion went on patrol to the sunken lands, the next day a caravan of food followed them and came back empty. Sam thinks it could be the feast of Mithras, but why take so much food out into the desert?
Any tracks left are long gone, but Sam finds a symbol carved into the cliff face. Nadiya says it means Isfet, the symbol of chaos and violence. Sam says that the rebels they were fighting used the same symbol. A shriek interrupts you, but it sounds nothing like any of the local wildlife. Nadiya suggests going to a nearby oasis, but night falls quickly so you want to hurry.
At the oasis, you find a Roman tent, half buried in sand, and it's the colours of the legion Sepp and his soldiers were part of. They must have made camp here! You approach the tent and are met with the scent of rotting food, the leftovers of the feast. There's so much of it! Sam spots Sepp's cloak pin, and you grab it as another inhuman shriek is heard. Lostris spots a bone and finds toothmarks gouged into it. Nadiya says you need to move urgently. There are ghouls in the desert moving to surround you. Lostris is sceptical, but jackals don't stand on two legs, and you and Sam have seen more than enough monsters. Their hunger will only be sated by human flesh. Run!
The ghouls are watching you. Nadiya explains that they were human once, but have been corrupted by their sins. Lostris thinks the bone she found was a human femur, and you wonder if the ghouls killed the legionaries and ate them. Sam uses Septimus's brooch to see what happened. The legionaries were feasting, and the meat was a gift from the Governor, but it made them sick as though it had been poisoned. Lostris interrupts to tell you to move. The ghouls are getting closer.
The ghouls are very close, and you can see their red eyes in the darkness. There must be hundreds of them! Sam wonders if the Isfet symbol could be drawing the ghouls out. Nadiya says you need to go to the Valley of the Kings and seek out the High Priests of Ma'at. Sam wonders if it's linked to what happened when he was stationed in Egypt, with the rebels. A ghoul leaps out at you, but you behead it, although it's jaws are still working. They're all around you, but there's a clear path towards the cliffs. You'll figure something out!
They're closing in, and you're up against the cliff face. Nadiya tells Sam to use his powers, but he can't concentrate. You're saved by the traders who throw down a rope for you. They haul Nadiya and her chair up, and you climb after her. You're safe. Sam notices that one of the ghouls is wearing a legionary's cloak. Sepp's legion wasn't killed by the ghouls. They became the ghouls!


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Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Sam Yao
Philip Nightingale
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Zombies, Run! Writing Team