Lux Permanent

Armed with knowledge, you set out to restore balance. But the path is haunted by ghouls... and past mistakes.


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You've been searching for the book on magic for ages, but Nadiya says the magical texts are bound to the library so at least it can't have been removed. Sam finds a box of old scrolls, and a veil like the one Marcus wore. Sam is able to read the scrolls despite not knowing the language. One scroll describes how to create ghouls, and another talks about a Rite of Isfet. Another scroll seems to be a ritual of Ma'at, to restore balance, but it needs a beacon of gold. Sam thinks you could use the lighthouse at Pharos. You should be able to do it in time before the last corn is harvested.
The city is unnaturally quiet and there is smoke on the horizon. You're stopped by a guard who accuses you of killing Selene, the Governor. You can't let them catch you. Run!
The docks are packed with ships laden down with the harvest, and there are ghouls on the causeway. Marcus is there too and he talks about his anger at how he was treated by Rome. He's been running Alexandria from behind the scenes for years and he plans to become Emperor. He's burning the fields and taking the remaining grain so that there will be starvation in the Empire. Then he'll send in the ghouls, and the senate will make him Emperor to stop them. He says that he regrets not killing Sam for his weakness years ago, but Sam rebukes him. Nadiya thinks you can jump from ship to ship to get past the ghouls, while she draws as many of them away as she can. The plan seems to work and you can see the lighthouse up ahead!
Marcus mocks you and then sets fire to the ships. Soon the last remnant of the harvest will be gone and Isfet will dominate. You have to keep running to light the beacon before the last of the corn burns.
The smoke is thick, and you barely manage to jump onto the harbour walls. You're nearly there, but the ghouls are on your trail.
You're close, but the lighthouse is so tall and the ghouls are thick here. The last ship of grain is nearly gone. Lostris says she will hold them at the base of the tower for as long as she can.
You reach the top, but the mirror is gone! Marcus removed it to stop you. The last grain burns, but Sam begins to glow and changes shape, allowing Isfet to speak through him. Isfet is angry that Marcus sought to reduce Ma'at and Isfet to good and evil, but Marcus doesn't care. He's only interested in power. Isfet conducts the ritual using the last ear of corn, calling Ma'at to restore life and balance. Marcus tries to set the ghouls on you, but the ghouls are becoming human again. Marcus jumps from the lighthouse to escape justice. You should get everyone out of the lighthouse.
You reunite with Nadiya and thanks to Isfet, all the corn is back in the fields, ready for harvest. Nadiya says that she found Lostris's body on the temple steps and hopes that Ma'at will judge her fairly. Sam wishes the same for Marcus. He was a good man once, corrupted by Rome. Sam says that your next stop is Rome to inform the Emperor. Things need to change in the Empire.


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Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Philip Nightingale
Sam Yao
Philip Nightingale
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Zombies, Run! Writing Team