Timendi Causa Est Nescire

You arrive at the Valley of the Kings to see the Priests of Ma'at, but your pursuers are on your trail, and worse things lie in wait.


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The traders have taken you to the Valley of the Kings, but now you must progress alone. Nadiya gives them the blessing of Ma'at, but Lostris says she's seen enough to know the Gods aren't kind, so why should she care for them? Sam is impressed by the pyramids. You'll be heading to the Tomb of Rameses the Third to meet the priests of Ma'at. You must get there before dark.
The pyramid is enormous. Nadiya opens it by laying her hand on an inscription. The inside is just as impressive, but before you head further in, you spot soldiers arriving from the Nile. Half of them head towards the pyramid, and half towards the trader camp. The door closes and Nadiya says it will not open again until you have passed through the inner sanctum. She is sure the traders will manage to escape. You'd better press on.
You can hear the soldiers trying to break into the pyramid. There's a huge crash and the sound of voices when they succeed. Hurry!
Nadiya admits that it's been many years since she was last here, and there were other priests to guide her then. You hear a skittering. Nadiya says the pyramid's guardians have been awakened, and they see everyone as a trespasser. Hundreds of scarab beetles swarm towards you – they will devour you if they catch you. Run!
The scarabs were bad enough, but now the ghouls are here too! You spot the soldiers behind you, but they're moving strangely. The scarabs head for them, at least, and you see the beetles eat the soldiers alive. As you watch, you realise that the soldiers are all ghouls!
You reach the doorway to the inner sanctum. You're greeted by opening sarcophogi, which reveal mummified bodies wielding sickles. They move to block the door. Sam tries to reason with them, but Nadiya intervenes, letting the mummies speak through her. They ask why you seek the temple. Sam explains the situation, and that you need the High Priests to tell you how to stop it. The mummy says that the High Priests are all dead. Lostris accuses Nadiya of lying, and Nadiya promises to explain. She demands that the mummies let you pass, to face the judgement of Ma'at.
The door closes behind you – it should keep the ghouls and scarabs out for a while. The room contains only the sarcophagus of Rameses, the last king to observe the sacred duty of Ma'at. Nadiya says she has every right to judge you. She is the last Priestess of Ma'at, thanks to you. She says that the village Sam and his legion thought was sheltering rebels had been their village. Nadiya returned from a pilgrimage to find her home destroyed. Sam is devastated and says he's spent ten years trying to atone, but he will face Ma'at's judgement if that is what he must do. He apologises you for not telling you this himself. He takes your hand and says he's ready to face Ma'at.


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Human Guard
Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Sam Yao
Philip Nightingale
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Zombies, Run! Writing Team