Transit Umbra

Facing judgement, you must travel through the Realm of Ma'at to discover the hidden truth of the past, and find a way to save the future.


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You seem to be outside. You feel refreshed, as though you could run forever! The peace doesn't last long, as you remember what you're up against. You are greeted by a bird with a human face, who tells you that your judgement has already begun. You need to follow it, but move quickly – it's flying fast!
You follow Ma'at up a mountain, and see Sam and Lostris when they were younger, along with Sepp and Marcus. Marcus explains the plan to stop the rebels, pointing out the markings he says they've used. Septimus asks if the rebels stealing grain is truly a problem, when most of the Aegyptian grain is shipped abroad, but Marcus says the grain is payment for Rome's protection. Present-day Sam says he hadn't realised Marcus was after the entire village, not just the rebels. He says he should have spoken up, but he had respected Marcus, and allowed his insecurity to silence him. Lostris is disgusted that she only followed him for money.
The village is below you. Septimus tries to convince Marcus that this is a bad plan. The rebels will just find another place to hide, and the Aegyptians will hate Rome even more. Marcus is only interested in making sure they fear Rome, and in acquiring the power of their magic. He has tried one of their rituals, and if they master it, the Roman Empire will stretch across the world. The villagers are just a small sacrifice when compared to the knowledge in their temple. Septimus tries to leave, but Marcus knocks him out and tells Sam to follow him. Younger Sam refuses, and Marcus knocks him unconscious as well. Present-day Sam tells you that by the time they woke up, the village was dead. Sam knows he should have stopped Marcus. Ma'at knows Sam's guilt has been a burden to him, but the journey is not over yet.
Another scene of the past, this one of Marcus being lashed as he is dragged through the streets. Sam says that they broke their oaths of loyalty to testify against him. Most of the legionaries didn't understand and that's why Sam transferred. But Septimus stayed, trying to make amends. The locals punished Marcus harshly, and he was sentenced to the galley ships, but Sam still wants to believe Marcus just thought he was doing his duty. Lostris says that his galley ship was lost six months later and everyone burned to death. You watch Marcus on the galley ship as it burns. He begins to glow and his chains melt, freeing him. He calls it Isfet's power, and leaves the ship to burn, to take revenge. You realise that he must still be alive, hiding his face – the Veiled Man who advising the Governor! Ma'at says they will lead you a little further.
You reach the edges of the land of Ma'at. Ma'at says that you will find peace one day, when you reach the Field of Reeds, and that mortal hands must return light to the darkness. Your soul knows everything. Marcus must have learned his powers at the Library of Alexandria, but that is far away now and you won't get there before Marcus does. Ma'at says that their realm touches all places. You must choose your own path. While Sam and Lostris are innocent of the past slaughter, doing nothing now will leave many deaths on your hands. Sam concentrates and manages to form a portal that opens out into the library. Ma'at leaves, and Nadiya is returned, awed at having been the vessel for her god. Now, through the portal!
The door to the restricted part of the library is locked, but Sam is able to open it with magic. Sam says he realised in Ma'at's realm that he only need to be himself. Now let's use that newfound self confidence to find a way to stop Marcus and save Aegyptus!


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Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Sam Yao
Philip Nightingale
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Zombies, Run! Writing Team