Roped into a demonic performance, time is running short if you want to save Cath!


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Arame drags you, Torzen, and Ylsanouria away while Malistrio is distracted and asks why the sorcerers can't use magic to fix this. They explain the bet, and Arame demands that they remove the spells binding their magic. They try to, only to realise that they've made a terrible mistake: the emergency counter-incantation to remove the spells needs magic to work. Torzen and Ylsanouria might be able to create a special potion to give them magic again, but that will take time. The spell should wear off at the end of the weekend, but until then you're out of luck. They try to break the spell anyway, but only succeed in giving Torzen rabbit ears. Indro tells you that Malistrio wants to see everyone in the ballroom.
Malistrio wishes to take stock of what they're working with, and Indro manages to convince the demon that Torzen and Ylsanouria are technicians, rather than sorcerers. Malistrio talks about their script, which has 25 scenes with no intermissions, and how they've made the artistic sacrifice by cutting it down. They will, of course, be playing themself in the play. While the demon is engrossed, Torzen and Ylsanouria explain that the oubliette stone Cath was wearing must have had the demon trapped within. They should be able to lock Malistrio away again, but they'll need to work quickly. Arame outlines the plan, just in time for Malistrio to destroy an expensive crystal vase as a sacrifice. Clarence will be the producer and will provide the demon with whatever they need for the production. Arame tells you to get moving so you can save Cath!
You return to Gabelsworth Grocer with Indro so the sorcerers can collect the ingredients they need for their potion. Sally seems very interested in if anything strange has happened, and when Indro mentions that Malistrio has taken over Cath's body, Sally is delighted and asks what Malistrio is like. She intended for this to happen. Malistrio used to talk to her through the pendant and told her he was the avatar of theatre themself! When you try to explain the problem, Sally is only interested in the news about Malistrio's play, and she races up towards the manor.
You arrive in time to see Sally burst into the manor and confront Malistrio. In return for bringing the demon forth, she asks to be part of the performance. Malistrio is unimpressed and refuses, however they do give Sally the Mask of Malistrio, granting Sally powers of persuasion over anyone she speaks to. And Malistrio's intention for this power is for Sally to act as marketing for the play. Indro on the other hand, is conscripted as an actor for the play. Malistrio sends Sally away, and demands that you find the tech crew.
You find Torzen outside attempting to work on the potion, although he's struggling a bit without his magic. He admits that Ylsanouria was right; he can't start a fire without a dragon! Arame hands him a lighter to use instead, but he struggles even with that, and Arame ends up setting the wood alight for him. Ylsanouria arrives with the rest of the potion ingredients, including a large amount of wine from Clarence's cellar, some of which seem to be rather old and valuable vintages. Maybe you just won't tell him. Torzen laments that he is being useless and stuck in an azrawood with rabbit ears, and Ylsanouria is excited about that revelation. She explains that azrawood is a space which magnifies the power of ancient spells. This could be useful! Arame has an idea, and asks you to accompany her.
Malistrio is impressed at the set the crew have built, and summons Clarence to ask whether he's read the script yet. Clarence is adamant that he has, and Malistrio quizzes him on it. Arame interrupts Malistrio before the demon can go too far with the questions. Arame suggests making the performance ambulatory, moving it between different spaces from scene to scene. Malistrio finds the idea of making it more painful for the crew delightful! Of course you must do it! The demon announces this, to the groans of everyone present.


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Marilyn Nnadebe
Victoria Grove
Philip Nightingale
Chris Lateano
Hannah Raymond-Cox
Jon Chew
Aislynn De'Ath
Bilal Dardai
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam