Sorceror's Arena

Rampaging beasts, wizardly duels, and corporate intervention.


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You exit the portal into a space in one of the closed off rides and manage to explain to Ylsanouria that you're in a theme park, not really a castle or a fantasy realm. And Arame isn't really a sorceress. Ylsanouria asks if she'd like to be one, and aid with her battle against Torzen. She sends you back out to find Torzen to deliver a message.
You find Indro and Cath, and are accosted by Clarence, the theme park owner's son, who has discovered the large hole blown into the wall of the Prospero Theatre. Cath tries to explain to him, but you're interrupted by Indro delivering Torzen's message in an ominous voice. The egg you're holding cracks open and a fully grown eagle flies out to find Ylsanouria.
You find Torzen creating balloon animals for small children. Clarence tries to intimidate him with little success. Cath asks how the feud started, but Torzen is interrupted by the arrival of Arame and Ylsanouria. Torzen is angry that Ylsanouria has help, so he turns one of the balloon animals into a giant rampaging monster.
Cath provides you and Indro with needles from her stage manager's kit so you can take down the giant balloon animal. You distract it, while Cath and Indro puncture it until it collapses. Cath calls on all of the actors from the theatre to meet her where the duel is taking place. It can't hurt to have some backup.
You arrive to find the duel in progress, although Arame is struggling with her staff. Indro has an idea though, and declares that he is now Arame's mortal foe! Arame picks up on the idea and responds. They get more ridiculous, and finally Torzen and Ylsanouria take notice and are embarrassed to learn what they sound like. They start to reconsider. Clarence chooses that moment to show up in a suit of armour and challenge them. He trips over Arame's staff and causes fireballs to shoot out of it. You'd better run!
Ylsanouria and Torzen work together to get rid of the fireballs and they find they rather enjoyed cooperating and put an end to their feud. They agree to fix the theatre, and Cath might have a proposal for them. She has been wanting a new show at the theatre after all!
You arrive back at the theatre after a few days off and Cath explains that they're running the new show alongside the old one. Cath leads you to where Ylsanouria and Torzen are rehearsing with Indro's help. Cath then offers you a new job as assistant stage manager! Nine to places!


Cast listings may contain spoilers
Marilyn Nnadebe
Victoria Grove
Philip Nightingale
Chris Lateano
Jon Chew
Aislynn De'Ath
Bilal Dardai
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam