East Africa

April 1917, German East Africa. Finding the rest of your army might be the least of your worries. There's a fort under threat, a sabotaged radio, and desperately needed medicine to find.


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You've finally recovered from a nasty bout of Malaria and are woken by Hendriks. You're in British-occupied German East Africa and he needs your help to keep the signals wagon running. A whistle catches your attention. It's Jojo, your askari – a local person acting as a scout. You should go and check on what she wants.
Jojo shows you the corpse of an askari who had been working with the German Army. He was stung to death by bees while looking for honey. Jojo takes you to Patel and you investigate the remains of a German camp that was abandoned only a few hours ago. You find some bark that could have produced quinine to help with the effects of malaria, but it's already been used up. Someone shoots at you and you head back to the wagon to find Hendriks.
You find Hendriks, but Dennis the ox has been killed and the radio destroyed! You work out that the Germans are planning to raid a fort for supplies and wanted to stop you warning the occupants. It's twelve miles away so it'll be a long walk. Jojo spots something down in the valley: a giraffe that's struggling against something. A telegraph cable! Take this spool of wire down there quickly.
Jojo explains how she came to be working for the British Army as you head to the telegraph pole. The cable is broken so you climb up the pole and start to splice your radio wire into it. Jojo explains that the fort only has British administrators, but the soldiers are all askaris and the Germans have an advantage because they know the territory. Jojo suggests that you could defect and join the Germans, but backs down. You climb down and return to the wagon.
Hendriks is able to splice the wire so you can contact the fort. You speak to the wife of the fort commander who says that her husband is surrendering. The German commander promised to spare everyone's lives if they surrender and the askaris said they would mutiny if he didn't do it. Patel has a coughing fit from the malaria and the commander's wife tells you about a copse of medicinal trees nearby.
Jojo leads you to the trees and shows you how to harvest the bark. Jojo asks why you didn't tell the captain about her trying to run away. You must be a very kind person. She hadn't really planned to switch sides, only to return to her family – her village is close by. Jojo hears something and tells you to stop moving. There's a beehive in the tree and if you'd broken it you would both be very dead. You gesture to Jojo's village and encourage her to head back there. She gives you her whistle as a good luck charm.
You reach Hendriks and Patel and start to boil the bark to make medicine. Patel tells Hendriks to give you your new posting. You're going to Russia!


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Mark Oosterveen
Jennifer Kanari
Mrs Edwards
Sally Orrock
Avin Shah
Avin Shah
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam