Central Asia

April 1918, Turkestan. The enemy is in pursuit, but will internal divisions prove more deadly?


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Sergei directs you to throw more wood into the train furnace, then brings the train to a halt. You need to keep the train, lovingly called Myshka by her inhabitants, at full steam so you can move again quickly if you need to. Sergei gives you a tour of the carriages, then sends you off to the command truck.
You meet Katerina who explains the plan and helps you set up an observation post to send semaphore messages. She gets angry when the infantry doesn't arrive and blames poor discipline, wishing it was the old days.
You meet Raisa, the infrantry lieutenant. She and Katerina argue when Raisa says they are retreating and that she needs to create an obstacle to slow the enemy down. Raisa threatens Katerina, who laments what you must think of them both. They agree to a compromise: you won't attack, but you will defend this position. The infantry disembark and Katerina tells you to spy on Raisa.
You help Raisa remove small pieces of track to force the Bolshevik train to stop. When their engineers try to fix it, they'll be vulnerable to snipers and this leaves your train free to retreat. While it would be quicker to destroy the tracks with explosives, that would sabotage your own side as well. You spot the enemy train and Raisa sends you up the hill to the semaphore station.
You reach Katerina who shows you that Myshka is still at full steam – ready for your retreat when the infantry have returned. With Myshka behind the hill, it's impossible for the enemy shells to reach it! You spot movement and Katerina figures out that there is enemy cavalry moving and they're trying to cut the tracks behind your own train, preventing you from escaping! You need to get word to Sergei!
You reach the train and Sergei starts to put it into slow reverse. Katerina tells him to go to full speed, but Sergei wants to blow the whistle so Raisa knows to fall back to the train. Katerina draws a revolver on him and smashes the whistle. Sergei refuses to make the train go faster and puts himself between you and Katerina. If she shoots him, there's no-one else who can drive the train. He tells you to go and warn Raisa.
Raisa thanks you for coming to fetch her and her team; they're almost out of ammunition. Keep blowing your whistle so everyone hears it. She'll lay down covering fire as you retreat.
You make it back to the train and Katerina and Sergei tell Raisa that a stray bullet damaged the steam whistle. Raisa realises they're lying and goes to sit with her crew, taunting Katerina as she leaves. Sergei says that he'll make sure get you transferred to Archangel in the North. They can't leave because they don't have homes to return to, but you can!


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Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Sokolova Anastasiya
Six to Start Ensemble
Avin Shah
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam