November 1918, Northern Russia. The war is drawing to a close, but you're still in the thick of things! Will Armistice arrive before the enemy?


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It's November 1918 and rumour has it that the war may be coming to an end. You arrive in an outpost near Archangel, northern Russia, with a new wireless set. You meet Captain Dougal who runs the signals there and he shows you around. The army there acts more as a local police force for what is mostly miles of empty woodland apart from a few villages.
Dougal introduces you to Jiang. Jiang found a peasant who had frozen while trying to steal supplies and take them to the enemy. He says that the Red Army are threatening the families of the peasants. You realise the peasant is still alive and help Jiang make a stretcher so you can carry him back to the hospital.
You arrive at the hospital in the village and Jiang introduces you to Elizabeth Stewart, the nurse there. You help her start to thaw the man out, but are interrupted by the sound of gunboats. Jiang sends you to the church to report to Captain Dougal.
You reach Dougal in the church belfrey, trying to send a message to Battalion HQ with little success. There are gunboats approaching and the Red Infantry is on its way. Dougal tries to give HQ the coordinates for an artillery bombardment, but the line goes dead. Not much chance of that unless someone knew where to cut the cable. You'll need to head out and fix it.
You find Jiang in the forest and he points out one of the locals digging up the signals cable so he can cut it. Jiang shoots the man and gives you the chance to fix the cable, but gets shot in the leg. It was a trap! Anoushka, the head of the Bolshevik platoon arrives and tells her men to kill you both, but she halts the order when she finds out that Jiang speaks Russian. Jiang points out that Anoushka's men have injuries and that there is a hospital that can treat them. You start to lead them towards it.
You reach the hospital and Anoushka is prepared to murder the other patients to free up space, until she realises that one of the patients is also a Bolshevik. The church bells start ringing, signalling that Germany has signed the Armistice. The war is over! Anoushka asks how this changes anything. Jiang says that it means they have no business here anymore and will be evacuated in a few days. Anoushka lets you leave.
You meet up with Dougal who says that despite the war being over you've all been ordered to stay and continue fighting. Jiang refuses – he was there to fight Germany, not the Bolsheviks. Dougal threatens to charge him with desertion if he tries to leave, but says that Elizabeth, as a civilian, can go. She refuses to leave her patients and says that Jiang can take her place on the boat. He won't be much use with an injured leg after all. Jiang is grateful to leave and wishes you well. You still have a fight on your hands!


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Zhenya Leverett
Robert Bradley
Six to Start Ensemble
Chris Lateano
Six to Start Ensemble
Avin Shah
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam