Descent into Darkness

You must aid the Bellerophon using its large mech limbs! But what's out there in the gloom?


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The Bellerophon begins its descent to Atlantis! Get yourself moving – it can help with the increasing pressure. Jenny plays another of Captain Solus's audio logs. He reveals Atlantis is real and that people are not allowed to leave the city once they have entered – he stole a ship to escape. He says Atlantean technology is advanced and people will want to steal it.
Jenny straps you into a mechanism that controls giant limbs on the sub's exterior. Loosen them up with some Forward Lunges. Make sure your back knee almost touches the ground, while your front knee shouldn't extend over your toes. The mechanical limbs are loosening up now. Something large swims past the porthole.
As the sub descends into the gloom, Jenny tells you that her brother Thomas was obsessed with Atlantis. He bought a sub and set off on his own, never to return. The official verdict was drowning, but his sub washed up covered in teeth marks. Jenny's sure the Atlanteans were responsible. You enter a forest of seaweed and need to swipe it away using Uppercuts and Hooks. Get into boxing stance and swing your bent right arm inwards across your body in a hooking motion. Switch sides halfway through.
What was that? You hear a thunk on the outside of the sub. Jenny puts on another of Captain Solus's recordings – he questions whether he and the Atlanteans are right to keep their knowledge to themselves when it could benefit so many. Another thunk and the engine stops. Better do some Bicycle Crunches to help speed the Bellerophon away! Lie on your back and cycle your legs in the air, touching each knee as it rises with the opposite elbow. Jenny restarts the engine.
As you near an underwater volcano, a creature lands on the outside of the porthole. It has a human face and transparent skin with lights glowing underneath. The lights flicker – it's been chewing power cables. Jenny steers the sub towards the volcano hoping the heat will repel the creature, but you become wedged in a vent! You'll need to do some Push Ups to free the sub. Get on your front, plant your hands shoulder-width apart and push up, keeping your body straight if you can, or resting your knees on the floor if that's too hard.
There are more glowing fish-people outside. They land on the sub and unhinge their jaws to chew the rivets. You're being swarmed! Keep moving those mechanical limbs to get them off!
Jenny realises this must have been what happened to her brother's sub. It looks like you're done for but... someone has shot one of them! It trails glowing blood. President Zala comes in over the PA to tell you they're dealing with the anthropolyps. She gives an order and the city of Atlantis is lit up in the darkness! When you dock and leave the ship, you and Jenny are injected by the Atlanteans. They will treat you kindly, but you can never leave.


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Captain Solus
Will de Renzy-Martin
Eleanor Rushton
Olga Leon
Mary Musgrave
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam