Saturn Devouring

Twenty years after the Venus Incident, you awake to a brand new world. But it looks like you can't rest yet. In fact, your problems may just be beginning.


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You distantly hear a news broadcast about the 20th anniversary of the Venus tragedy, and flashes of memory about the events that transpired. There's a hiss and suddenly you're awake and confronted by two people who welcome you back to the world. You've been in a cryo-tube for two decades and you seem to be fine which is kind of a miracle. The people introduce themselves as Jody and Frances, from Valmont Interplanetary. The world needs you Five, and you need to run so you don't miss your transit window!
The lights keep flickering, and Eddie, the engineer here, says that the glitches have been getting worse, but at least he's got the cameras running. Frances asks about what happened on Venus. You were fished out of the atmosphere, and found alone on a battered aircraft. There are rumours about alien artefacts! But this isn't Venus. You're over Saturn on a medical facility which serves the helium mines, but it's been cleared out just for you. You approach a large chrome arch which Jody explains is a Displacement Gate; it will take you to another world in an instant, so you can meet Mr Valmont himself. Eddie plans to stay on board to try to fix some of the glitches; ANNIE, the AI, has become corrupted, but a full wipe should fix it. The gate opens, and you run through.
You're still in the cargo hold, and the lights are out. There must have been a power failure. You try to switch on the backup generator, but it overloads. Eddie is getting locked out of the system, and ANNIE is activating the station defences and venting the air. You need breathers! Hurry!
You pull on an EVA suit and helmet, and while Frances is panicking, Jody declares that it's just a malfunction and you can get to the emergency medical shuttles. There's a power surge coming down the corridor though, overloading conduits and blowing out the walls. You need to get to the airlock!
Keep your mag boots on so the wind doesn't blow you off the catwalk. Eddie thinks that someone has sabotaged ANNIE. Frances notices that you seem to be losing altitude, and Eddie informs you that ANNIE is steering the platform into the wind. in this region, the wind will be strong enough to rip the platform apart. You need to move faster!
You've reached the launch pad and one shuttle remains. You try to release the clamps, but the computer has locked you out. Eddit can override the clamps where he is, but he can't come to meet you. He wouldn't have been able to get there in time anyway, but he didn't want you coming back for him. The balloon has ripped away from the station and it's now in free fall through the ice clouds of Saturn. If you don't go now, the pressure will be too great for you to launch. Move!
Frances grieves for Eddie, and says that she's never seen an AI behave that way. They don't just decide to kill! Jody handles the logistics of getting to Titan but it's going to be close. Launching damaged one of the O2 cyclers. Jody says that you might hold the key to fixing all of the problems they've been having, and Mr Valmont can offer you a fresh start.


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Adam Lannon
Aislynn De'Ath
Six to Start Ensemble
Six to Start Ensemble
Harriet Madeley
EM Williams
Ellie Maxted
Rosalyn Mitchell
Frances Dempsey
Charly Afia
Jody Marsh (Runner 4)
Jennifer Tan
Dr. Maxine Myers
Sally Orrock
Peter Lynne
Will Green
Elliott Gresswell
Ella Watts
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam