Training Mission 2

Zombies outside, Marshalls inside, and a mystery to uncover. Can you make it to Redwood Heights?


Scene summaries may contain spoilers
You follow the truck carrying the child towards Uptown and see two skyscrapers with a bridge connecting them - Redwood Heights. Halima explains that the west tower is full of zoms, but the Council live in the east tower and don't come out. All their orders go through intermediaries. Everyone in New Oban is chipped to track their movements, which is why you're so important.
The truck heads into a tunnel leading to Redwood Heights. You hear an announcement offering a significant reward for your capture. You need to hide! Halima suggests an underpass near the city's generators which should hide the signal from Halima's tracker.
The Marshalls begin shooting at you as you run. Suddenly, you hear a crackle over the radio and hear Halima's friend Gus who says he had to turn back, but he can guide you to a safe house. There's more gunfire, and Gus guides you down an alleyway.
Gus says that he tried to go through the tunnel, but had to turn back because of the zombies. You climb up a fire escape to a roof, jump across to another building, then head north to Redwood Towers
There are zombies below you and they have your scent, but you're probably safe for the moment. Halima tells you more about Amala being born, but you're interrupted by more zombies. A building has collapsed and they're climbing the rubble and throwing themselves off the wall to reach you! To make things worse, there are Marshalls after you!
The Marshalls are still closing in. Halima calls Gus out and he admits there was never a safe house. He was captured before he even reached the tunnel. Halima replies angrily that Gus has killed them and Amala. However, the Marshalls shoot the zombies but leave you and Halima alone. You are approached by Head Marshall Talyon. She says that the Board of Governors has become corrupt. She's followed their orders for years, but they're kidnapping children and imprisoning innocent people. She knows that the children are in Redwood Towers, and are still alive. Five is their only chance of getting through because they aren't chipped, and that makes them invisible to the tower's security system. You're their only hope.


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Jose Palma
Isabelle Farah
Six to Start Ensemble
Marshal 1
Six to Start Ensemble
Sam Yao
Philip Nightingale
Robyn Holdaway
Matt Wieteska
Sound Designer
Mark Pittam
Series Created By
Naomi Alderman
Zombies, Run! Writing Team